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I am not alone.

Bring Back Free Clicking



I’m just glad that there are people who have the time to read the Times…

Will you get tenure already? I’m tired of you always bitching about your tiiiiimmmmme.

That said, some of those people I linked to, reading the Times is their jobs. For others, it’s their “jobs.”

What’s strange is that IME, Ogged is right—this is totally a gendered thing. I click on the text all the time, highlighting paragraphs as if they’ll disappear if I don’t. K gets onto me frequently enough about it. She doesn’t understand the compuliveness at all. It’s weird.

I’ve never heard of this. Seems a bit weird to me.

Like I said: this is totally a gendered thing.

Your momma.

For reals though, I do have a somewhat female brain, according to this test. So that could explain it, as well as my piss poor spatial reasoning skills.

We need results from another male, but J was too preoccupied belly-aching about his life to disclose whether he does it too.

i tend to click and highlight only when i need a change in background; i do not do this compulsively.

re:1 there is much more to the world my young greg than tenure… and is a 5 hour workday because you take care of you daughter. one day you to might enjoy the benefits of being a father.

Tell me: was that self-righteousness delivered in a package on the eve of E’s second birthday, or did you grow it all by yourself?

well, it’d be worth something if he could spell…

If only. The world would be his oyster.

somebody’s all uptight about my comments recently if he knew that my brain was solidly unman maybe he’d think differently of the words i write

Oh, don’t get your pronouns in such a wad, pops.

I do click randomly, though I don’t highlight—but then according to that quiz (damn you, JH!—I was going to unpack boxes tonight, but instead I find myself taking online quizzes—okay, well, I might have done that anyway), I have a slightly male brain.

Whaddya know? I’m a quarter womanish!

(Although I was annoyed to see the “men speak 7K words per day while women speak 15K” bunk.)

I’m half-womanish, and I skipped the finger measuring task, having no ruler.

The word production task would seem to be bunk to me, as well. The only reason I give any credibility to this survey at all is that it was made in consultation with Simon Baron Cohen, a brain researcher at Cambridge with a good reputation, and cousin to Sacha, of Ali G, Borat fame.

15 would have been so much better if the first sentence had ended, “having no fingers.”

Why do you think they name their middle sons Baron?

Baron Cohen is the whole surname, like Kendall Ball.

Wait, was that a joke? If so, it wasn’t a good one. Like something my dad would say.

Hmm. I’m half mannish. Do you suppose there’s some unwritten law that one must have characteristics opposite those of your own gender in order to be a Hermit or a Hermit hanger on?

My downfall (in terms of femininity on this quiz, that is) was the recognizing which objects had been rearranged (I am not detail-oriented, or rather I am only oriented to those details that interest me) and the recognizing emotions from eyes. I did far better on the object rotation thing than I would have imagined. Now if only I could put that skill to use in figuring out how to arrange things in my new house. . . .

Are you suggesting our new slogan should be “Eschewing your gender since 2003”? Because, as much as I like “Let me die with a hammer in my hands,” it could happen.

Ooh, I like it! There really ought to be a page with all your old slogans. I loved the octopus one, but the Wayback Machine has not yet helped me recover it.