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Octopus of Mayhem

Octopus of Mayhem I am certain you have spent much of today thinking wistfully of the days when, not so long ago, we indeed were an octopus of mayhem. I know that when I remember those halcyon times, I, like Ringo, want to be under the sea, in an octopus’s garden. Alas, those days are over for all of us.

But they have been noted, as they were last night, by Chris Matthews on Hardball. When I heard him say it, I did not believe my ears; it passed into the ether: Had I truly heard him say what I thought he said? Was he there when we blackened the streets of Istanbul in protest? Had he seen the welts on the skins of our enemies, or examined the destruction we wrought? Was he with us when we tearfully parted ways? No, he was not. So how did he know?

Then, today, the transcript was released, and I understood:

We‘ll be right back with Susan Schmidt and Andrea Mitchell talking about this incredible scandal [Jack Abramoff’s pleas of guilty], this octopus of mayhem, coming down the road here in Washington.

No, it is not that he was there; he could not have know our triumphs so well. What it means, my friends, is that we are Legend!



i do not want to tread on greg’s musings. however, i do want to take this completely random opportunity to point you to two pieces of music from my favorite german pop band, called wir sind helden.

if you’ve the time and/or inclination, grab an mp3 from this blog post, and check out three of their video clips at mtv.de here.

if you want more, don’t hesitate to ask…bitte…although my feelings won’t be hurt if you think they kind of suck. i don’t need your validation vis a vis german pop.

Actually, I totally see the connection between Deutsche.pop and an octopus of mayhem.

OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh! The Deutsche.pop makes me want to dance!

¡Touch my octopus!