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This site is the archive of Hermits Rock, a coauthored blog that was published from 2003 to 2009. If you’re curious about what the archive contains, it can be searched, and it can be browsed by category (see the list at right) or by date.

If you’re wondering about the authors, Chris, Dave, and Jeremy moved on to other things and are all doing well, as is Scott, who can still be found online at Gay Restorationist. Greg maintains this archive. Greg’s continuing adventures can be followed at his blog.

Because the blog is no longer active, all comments have been turned off on all posts. If you have questions about the archive or want to contact any of its authors, please send us an e-mail.

What follows is the “About Hermits Rock” copy that graced this page from September 9, 2006 until 2009.

Hermits Rock has been a blog since 2003. It has been published at the domain hermitsrock.mgbales.com since 2005 and has been published with Textpattern since later the same year.

The banner for Hermits Rock in full-color glory. The banner (shown at left) is a collage of hermits. On top is a wood engraving of a Benedictine monk of Mexico from the pages of the Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies at Latrobe University. The middle is from John James Audubon’s watercolor of a Hermit Thrush from Birds of America. (The original, I believe, is owned by the New York Historical Society.) Finally, at bottom is an image of an Alaskan Hermit Crab.

About the Hermits


Being twelve years trapped can mess with a man’s mind, but it also can harden his will. Chris fasted a fortnight on cereal and water, then finally escaped from the Intertubes through a crack in the floor.

Dave (Hermit Emeritus)

Dave lives in a shack in Mississippi where he tickles alligators and pens scathing letters to the editor warning of Trent Lott’s liberal ways. It is his dream to become a folk musician in the tradition of Mama Cass.


Greg has come close to losing his faith in humanity several times, but several times humanity has surprised him.


While living the bohemian life in Spain at the end of the last century, Jeremy was well known for exclaiming, “This is a hell of a dull talk. How about some of that champagne?”


Scott once blogged as Gay Restorationist, reappeared here briefly, then was raptured to heaven where he now waits patiently for Cher.