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The wife’s out of town

My first thought when I came home tonight was to clean the apartment. Is that wrong? Because unwashed dishes are enticing me like sirens, and what I want to know is, would I be violating some code of ethics to be domestic when I’m home alone, or should I find some strong rope and lash myself to this chair?

In other news, with dinner I opened a bottle of Wheach Beer. This bottle’s actually better than the first one I drank, way back in October. It’s a little like cider, only without apples, and it’s a little like walking up to a peach stand near the end of the season, when half the peaches have fermented and the only way to get a few that are just ripe enough is to fondle them all.



Ahhh temporary batchelorhood…personally, I always love it for the first few days, than I start to miss the missus terribly.

I took lots of time last night to write, but that didn’t change the fact that, in spite of the cats, the apartment feels empty. The cats also don’t quite know what to think about her not being around.

i would answer, but the only reason the dishes were had to do with your needing to stay in that chair.

Have some Wheach yourself, man, or something better. It’ll help you be more acerbic.

3: OK, so last night I didn’t understand what you meant, and a poor night’s sleep didn’t help. Are you saying my domestic duties go undone because of my undying commitment to things like this?

Well, a poor night’s sleep for me and the lateness of the hour didn’t help either.

I meant to say that the desire to avoid writing was the reason domestic duties called….

Ha! Exactly opposite of what I thought you were saying! Actually, how it usually happens is that when I want to avoid writing x, I write y instead.

Which is to say, “ergo blog.”

Can I just say that I can’t stop drinking this Wheach? It’s decent stuff!

curiously that’s what F.Scott said about gin

I would say that about gin right now too, if I had any gin to say it about.

Ugh. K’s en route from Florida to here, with a connection in Chicago. But weather’s bad, and her connecting flight’s been cancelled. Grr.

And what has she been doing in Fla.?

Conference for work.

The universe is aligned again. After spending the night in the airport, K’s home now (and sleeping very soundly).