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Taxed a Little More

Neighborhood Meeting

Justice FTW!

Watching the Inauguration at Work

Timmy Has the Right to Vote, Too

Were I not lazy and at work, I would develop the image of Timmy voting more fully.

Witness to History

Obama/McCain 2: Town-Hall Style

Veep Poetry


Sarah Palin

Brush Your Shoulders Off

What’s your assessment of how—or whether—Power’s points will be addressed in the campaign?

We are all doomed

Blame western Iowa…

Iran, War, Diplomacy

The majority of U.S. action in the world this decade has been the result of a pointed refusal to believe that other nations may in relation to the U.S. in ways that are not deferent and capitulatory to military might.

Invoking God

Empire without Benefits

lovin' me some 'rock Obama



Steve King is Beautiful

On the Desire to be Charitable

The European Primaries

From beginning to end

Jim Crow in Prison

For thirty years the rate of incarceration in the United States has risen inversely to the rate of crime, a fact that has been hardest on black, working-class citizens.

The Surge™ Is Working

The last quarter of Rosen’s article addresses Iraq’s current security situation.

Alexander Hamilton

Codes of War

On Torture

From Scott Horton’s interview with Darius Rejali, author of Democracy and Torture.


Great. Now what motivation do I have to finish the analysis of Mitt Romney’s empty “Faith in America” speech that I started writing two weeks ago?

Chris Hayes on Barack Obama

Chris Hayes reminds that in the platforms of both Democratic candidates, there is still much to be desired.

John McMentum


Precinct 17


Parking Ticket

John Edwards

One of these days, I promise I’ll write up my assessment of the presidential candidates and tell you who I’m caucusing for. After all, my vote counts more than yours, and you have a right to know.

Bill Clinton

We went to a Hillary Clinton for President rally last night.

The Conscience of a Liberal

According to Michael Tomasky’s review of Krugman’s The Conscience of a Liberal, Paul Krugman is claiming partisanship is the only way forward for progressive politics.

And the beat goes on…

I’m having a difficult time deciding which stinks more about this Frank Rich column.

Doing Soldiers Right

I should be inured to it now, but I still find it astonishing how brilliantly the Bush administration—and, for that matter, all of the G.O.P. candidates—simultaneously dotes on the military and hates on soldiers.

The Cult of the Soldier

Christopher Hayes speaks truth.


It’s all intellectual stimulation, imperial guilt, and dissociated sympathy until it’s your family they send to war: my cousin ships out to Iraq today.


Surge, when used in reference to the Surge^TM^, has very little correspondence to the general definition of the word, surge.


I thought we sent you to Wyoming so you couldn’t cause any more trouble in here!

George Bush and dramatic irony

In the same way that one knows that the nubile woman running down a dark hallway in a horror flick will sprain her ankle tripping over her boyfriend’s body, one also knows what the policy in any George Bush Iraq speech will be.

I spent all night doing governmenty things.

The Ship of State

I’m Moby Dick, and we’ve got three or four members of Congress who are trying to cast themselves in the part of Captain Ahab—so, they’re going to keep coming.
Karl Rove

It was late afternoon and very hot by the time we made it to Ames to take in the spectacle of the Iowa Straw Poll.

U.S. Deaths in Iraq As of Today

3,680 + 1,000 + a smattering of journalists ≅ 4,700

as i was happily reading TNR


The American Society for Civil Engineers rates 160,570, or 27% of US bridges, including a third of all urban bridges, as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.

Guantánamo Bay has primarily been the Bush administration’s way to circumvent justice in its ill-conceived war on terror.


Reflections on clemency on the evening of President Bush’s commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence.

The President’s Inner Peace

There’s a weird story in the Washington Post today about how President Bush’s unpopularity, combined with the failure of nearly every item on the agenda of his second term, has sent him searching for answers by, paradoxically, withdrawing into the Oval Office.

Iowa Summer

Every four years, Iowa summers are the best.

The real date is June 3, 1997

Asymmetric warfare works against imperial power because it exists in the symbolic register of social justice: resistance against those who would demand rule is a noble cause.

Coal subsidies are bad, yet here again they’re being pushed.

What Annoys Me Today


I'm a Patsy

Kohler, Novels, Politics, and You

I’d entreat you to be witty in reply, but since I’ve already consigned you to the realm of uninteresting, I’ll just entreat you to reply.


The only language Americans understand is violence.

One scene in The Illusionist undid the whole for me.

Fool’s Bet

The Iraq War is as if the Bush Administration tried to open a restaurant in the desert using ingredients it didn’t understand, equipment it didn’t know how to use, and no recipes whatsoever. Most restauranteurs would close the kitchen when the restaurant failed, but not Chef U.S.A.! It has decided that the best way to sell the gruel nobody will buy is to sabotage every other restaurant in town.


Some immediate responses to the State of the Union address.

Why Withdrawal?

Why withdrawal is the only option.

What can’t you buy? And a missive on the escalation speech.

Just a little thinking late at night.

I’m no expert on foreign policy, but Yglesias is, and his call for moral seriousness is worthwhile. This is intended as a step that way.


Democrats win! Hooray!

Abstinence education for the 20–29 set!

Keeping Schedule in Iraq

Today it was announced that the President is pursuing a timetable for something in Iraq.


I swear I’m trying to get rid of this melodramatic streak in my writing. It’s laziness, frankly, and I don’t particularly feel like rewriting this now to excise it.

FYI, this post is ostensibly about the October 2006 election, but it’s really about my dismay at the state of current affairs in American politics.

American Viceroy, ca. 2003

Excerpt from a Frontline interview with L. Paul Bremer.


I hate when what I write disappears.

Prisoners in War

An opinion after reading Eliza Griswold’s essay, “American Gulag.”

I know it’s silly to expect plain-dealing or honesty in a stump speech, but sometimes it freaks me out when the president speaks and his words are so far removed from reality that you might think him a fantasy novelist, if what he were speaking about weren’t in fact incredibly serious.

Embryo Dilemma

When the excess material leftover from bioengineering is fertilized humanity, what is one to do?

el gran debate

since my last post generated gobs of interest… here’s a little rant

To the Lighthouse

It’s the rapture baby!

(In)Comprehensible Iraq

It is clear, and clearly unfortunate for Iraqis, that, if Iraq does indeed want peace, it will get no support for it from the United States government.

this just in...from DC

the president promises to use less oil

that cheese got da stank!

on the question of cheese, or the stringiness that binds us together and the halitosis that revolts us

Temp non-Agency

The report, Nonstandard Jobs, Substandard Benefits examines the practices of employers to hire workers under nonstandard terms in large part in order to avoid costs such as health care and retirement plans.

The State and the Church

In June of 2004 the Internal Revenue Service issued a letter (and simultaneously, a press release) to churches and other tax-exempt organizations reminding them of the ties that bound them to their own tax-exempt status.