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Shout Out

What Obama Means

There is always a difference between what one thinks one might do if one had one’s druthers and what one would in fact do when given a concrete choice.

Interview MaLAise

Deciding to Move

John Edwards

One of these days, I promise I’ll write up my assessment of the presidential candidates and tell you who I’m caucusing for. After all, my vote counts more than yours, and you have a right to know.

4.1 earths

According to my quick guesses, it takes 4.1 earths to sustain me.

waiting is the toughest part


Sixième anniversaire de mariage

As stupid as I felt then—as silly as I feel now for having choked as I did—what I said was—is—true.

¼ of the way

I’m a fourth of the way to my new computer!

Grants & Scholarships

Our resident expatriate linguist needs help funding a PhD.


I’m moving my jogs to evenings. I am trying to reschedule my days because I’ve other things I want to accomplish in the mornings.

A theology based on science

The same day that the New York Times publishes a (not quite) credulous review of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, Jerry Harp explores what it would mean to develop a “theology based on science”.

Too Far to Go

Never fear, though! It’s yard sale season! Bright and early Saturday morning I’m heading out to discover that other people’s crap is way better than just crap they’re selling: it’s crap I can sell, too! How excited you must be for me!


Reports from an early morning walk.

This is called entrepreneurship

I am totally going to pull this off.


Do what you want, just be mindful of the consequences, okay?


A brief, congratulatory note.


Democrats win! Hooray!

Justice, Despair, Dissent, Equality


I swear I’m trying to get rid of this melodramatic streak in my writing. It’s laziness, frankly, and I don’t particularly feel like rewriting this now to excise it.

FYI, this post is ostensibly about the October 2006 election, but it’s really about my dismay at the state of current affairs in American politics.

Owls, and a cat courtesy of Margaret Atwood.

danger in the summer moon

Hopefully, this will provide much debate.

Hermit Family Increased by 1!

Proxy birth announcement.

Pride of Place...

Not even a snowball’s chance…

Since it only somewhat fits with the theme of this rant… Where a great proportion of the people are suffered to languish in helpless misery, that country must be ill policed, and wretchedly governed: a decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization.
James Boswell’s Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson

Successful Job Application

It was eighteen months ago that I left graduate school and went to the job market. Today, finally, I got bought.

Summer Reading Group (VoteCast)

The revised proposal and vote.

Failed Job Applications, Pt. 5

Always the interviewed, never the hired.

Note: Link is further evidence of the fourth item in this list.

Continue reading “Failed Job Applications, Pt. 5…”


What I’m reading now—little more, little less.

Conversation with a Job

What’s a trite metaphor like you doing in a pathetic place like this?

John Foxe says

Best wishes from the sixteenth century.


That globalization is a fact of modern life can be astonishing, and it can be promising, and it can be worrying, and it can be depressing. It is often all of these adjectives all at once because globalization is simply a euphemism for pollution.

2005 is Dead

As far as years go, it was a cup of concentrated Downy poured too soon into a wash of whites: it left pink stains on nearly everything, but the stains were just unnoticeable enough to make make me question whether or not I ought to replace the clothes.

Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas!

X-mas Day Devo Thought

a Christmas sermon…of sorts

It was Saturday that mom let me in on the family gossip.


parmesan sage turkey…cranberry, cherry, walnut, port wine compote…homemade yeast rolls…chestnut, sage stuffing…pomegranate, grapefruit vinagrette…and other goodies.

A Generous Orthodoxy

It’s a legitimate question whether one can take what’s good from a tradition and not also take the bad from it.

Failed Job Applications, Pt. 3

This letter was for a job called “Writing Consultant” in a writing center, called the Writing Studio, at a local small, liberal arts college. (It’s a unique college, one of two nationwide to teach classes in blocks rather than on the -mester.) The job description implied this position was essentially a co-director job. (I heard later that the man who held the job previously felt it was more of a T.A./grader position for Writing Across the Curriculum classes.)

What it means to be lost, Pt. 1

To be lost means to be separated from those we are like—from our family—and it means that we are separated from those who love us. To be lost is to be alienated. To be lost is to be exposed. To be lost is to be at the mercy of those who would harm us. To be lost is to be helpless.

Variations on a Motherly Theme

Something tells me that Michelle Duggar never had trouble breast feeding. I wonder what she would say to Sonya Huber?

Failed Job Applications, Pt. 2

Many of the applications I send I never hear word about, so now you can play HR director for me. On the merits of the cover letter, would you accept it, reject it, or forget about it? This one was for a job called “Assistant Scoring Director,” and it is unique among all of my applications: I actually was offered this job—then it was pulled from beneath me.

Failed Job Applications, Pt. 1

Ah! A job search! The longer it goes, the more it wears down the bones. In an attempt to grow a bit of tissue back, I begin a new series of failed cover letters. Consider their publishing to be my catharsis. Many of the applications I send I never hear word about, so now you can play HR director for me. Would you accept it, reject it, or forget about it?


Welcome to the new Hermits Rock! You can see we’re very different than we used to be.