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Too Far to Go

A while back I declared I was going to sell enough things on eBay to buy a new computer. Sadly, I haven’t sold enough, yet. On the plus side, I no longer have hope or even desire to buy a Macbook Pro; my sights are instead on the awesome black Macbook in spite of the fact that it costs an extra $500 just because it’s black. I decided this when we were in New York two weeks ago. After doodling with one at an Apple store, I decided that it was enough like my beloved Powerbook G3 (RIP) that someday the machine must be mine. Someday… in the future.

Unfortunately, although the things I have left to sell are great, and you should really think about bidding on a postcard of antelope (Eh Laura?), or a nostalgic spoon, or an original stereo/cassette deck for a Mazda 626, but unless you readers get into a bidding war, I don’t have enough things to sell to reach my goal.

Never fear, though: it’s yard sale season! Bright and early Saturday morning I’m heading out to discover that other people’s crap is way better than just crap they’re selling: it’s crap I can sell, too! How excited you must be for me!



Or you could get yourself a dilapidated PC and do as my brilliant (and famous) friend Jessamyn has done. Of course, the result isn’t as shiny and beautiful and Mac-like—but then, I am so frustrated by the frozen-molasses like speed of my iBook these days that almost anything looks better.

I guess KL did leave you. You are handeling it quite well!

Ah, yes, there is that. What can I say? One must divest oneself of detritus as soon as it’s apparent it’s detritus. (I’ll leave the rest for K to explain, if she wants.)