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Because I am at a loss


Biblical Jokes


what kind of dentist would you want?

My first submission


I am trying to resist interpreting as symbolic the fact that Clinton exaggerates in order to excuse her own exaggeration, but it is awfully hard.



There’s an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by John Gravois that purports to be about “impostor syndrome” among academics, but it is really about the phenomenon of top-tier universities sponsoring seminars for their graduate students and junior faculty about ways to overcome impostor syndrome.


If YouTube is a black hole of stupidity. StupidFilter may soon be the Internet’s dark matter.

“In a novel you have to resist the urge to tell everything,” said J.K. Rowling in a July interview with Meredith Viera on the Today show. I would have preferred that she had said even less in Deathly Hallows than she did, but she’s the Author, and Authors get to make their own Important Decisions About Plots. Rowling has been a curious sort of Author, however, because her resistance to telling everything has weakened like a New Orleans levy the more time has passed.

False Cause

About a mile into my jog tonight, when I had a view of the southwestern sky, I saw a thunderstorm approaching.

The proper way to combat misinformation is not to hide the truth—truth cannot be veiled, anyway; but to publicize it. In the case of Mark Elrod’s “‘I Saw Fred Thompson at a Church of Christ’ Challenge,” it’s Elrod’s motive for posting the challenge that has been most questioned.

More on Allegory

They never report the good news

Sunday’s Cedar Rapids Gazette revealed its liberal bias against the goings on in Oelwein, Iowa, with its reporting on the town’s “doom and gloom” ceremony.

A theology based on science

The same day that the New York Times publishes a (not quite) credulous review of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, Jerry Harp explores what it would mean to develop a “theology based on science”.

word of the day: pachydermatous

pachydermatous (M-W)

adj [deriv. of Gk pachys + dermat-, derma skin] 1: of or relating to the pachyderms 2 a: thick, thickened <~ skin> b: callous, insensitive

On Hermeneutical Despair

Yea, verily, I say unto you

rhetorical crutches

the lowdown on bears

“she left me”

Both in replying to the concerned e-mails I received in response to yesterday’s post and in the clarifying update, I’ve written some version of “K left me” several times since yesterday. Every time it felt like an odd phrase, a euphemism that, for a euphemism, is both direct, in the sense that it says exactly what it means, and meaningless, in that it doesn’t convey anywhere near the personal, emotional upheaval that it signifies.

HP Prognosticating

Is it is, or is it ain’t a good preview of Harry Potter 7?

Keeping Schedule in Iraq

Today it was announced that the President is pursuing a timetable for something in Iraq.

Jesus, Thy Name Will Be in Lights

The day had to come when it would be my turn to invent and to drive the church’s Powerpoint slide show. That day was yesterday, and I am still not happy about how it went largely because I am not happy about the projector’s appearance in the sanctuary in the first place.

accidents of Bread in Cheese

Hobbes laughed and laughed and laughed as he dipped his bread into the melted cheese and chased it down with a flagon full of wine.

jerusalem council: 2 questions

two questions on Acts 15


A short, initial analysis of a debate on wealth and Christianity.

on the strangeness of my world

since we are moving more towards a koan type format

lessons from the apocalypse 2

It’s hermeneutics baby!