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Working Theses

Taking the following two contradictory theses to be true:

  1. Most workplaces will hire someone local before they will hire someone who lives far away.
  2. Workplaces in the city in which I live are not likely to hire me.

What would you conclude?



move to canada and/or bora bora

Bora Bora does look nice, doesn’t it?

K tipped me off that I posed my theses incorrectly. What I meant to say was, if you were in a similar situation, what would you do?

It’s a stumper, isn’t it! (especially during finals week)

I have actually been thinking about this since you first posted (or I guess since I first read it), and I am as stumped as I was eight years ago when I was living at your address and thinking very similar thoughts. . . . I seem to have ended up okay, but I can’t say I recommend the path I took, which, while entertaining at times, was mostly expensive and frequently fraught with worry (apologies for the alliteration, which seems to continue apace)—and, of course, it took eight years. Sheesh.

I don’t doubt the existence of God, but I do wish, from time to time, that He would make His plans for us just a teeny bit clearer.

“frequently fraught with worry” needs no alliterating apology. Now if you had said “frequently fraught with frantic thought and flummoxed mind,” then you’d have needed to apologize. :)


I thanks for coming by my blog and sharing some very nice commentary.

I am looking around “Hermits Rock” and there are all kinds of fascinating things here. Keep it coming.

Bobby Valentine
Stoned-Campbell Disciple

BV, Hermits Rock is a hodgepodge of profanation, hyperbole, gossip, misunderstanding, sarcasm, and laments—and that’s just the things I write. J and C, when they’re not busy professing to be ghosts, can speak for themselves. :)

Although our impending move has been raised elsewhere, its more appropriate place is here, since moving was what I meant to hint about above. This is an update: the city remains the same, but the time has likely changed. We were just short of taking off June 30 for lands unknown, but today I got a short-term job offer that (so long as it does not get ripped from ‘neath my feet) will make it worth our while to stay in town another month until our lease is up! (Sort of) yay!