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Apple Cake



Cleaning Out the Cupboard

Carrot Survey

Be Still, O Heart!

Cauliflower 2

I should have taken better notes when I made it, but I remember the dish as pleasant, not spicy at all. Its color is a rich yellow ochre. Both dishes yielded days of leftovers, though if your family is bigger than ours, of course, the leftovers won’t be as much.

Cauliflower 1

Gobhi Aloo Matter

Dietary Laws

Chicago Meetup

If you’re near Chicago on Friday, December 28, join us for dinner at Star of Siam!

on foodieness

holiday update: or egomanism

The phenomena of Hardee’s marketing strategy—selling hamburgers to young, straight men like every Budweiser sells beer, with buxom women and caricatures—compares quite nicely with the “food” its franchises thaw and serve to customers such as this 1,000 calorie patchwork monster.


Hey! Oktoberfest is this weekend!

A Rule of Thumb

An expensive restaurant that does not prepare salads to order is overpriced.

Watermelon Sculpture Reenactment

I forgot to photoblog yesterday’s watermelon sculpture, so I reenacted it today. Such are the sacrifices I make for posterity.

Blech! Tiggers don't like hunny!

all those tomatoes

Marty makes vegetable jalfrazie!

another box, another 30

30 more bucks


I’ve found our official cookie.

What 30 bucks will buy you...

Sunday was for Cooking

I did me some cooking yesterday.


Applebee’s isn’t one of our favoritest places, but it’s a better respite from driving than a gas-station Subway.

This afternoon I had nothing from home, so I visited the vending machine down the hall, and because it didn’t interest me, I went to the one downstairs.

The wife’s out of town

My first thought when I came home tonight was to clean the apartment. Is that wrong?

Vegetarian Paella

I want to know how to make a paella, sans sausage and fish, good.

Help Improve Mississippi Schools

Searching for good restaurants in Jackson, MS.

Describing Taste

My supper was better than yours.


homer would cry me a river...

Six Gallons of Dr. Pepper a Week

My dad drinks Dr. Pepper.

Best chocolates ever

Bochner chocolates are good.

Back from the Show

Ray moved around from city to city and in his 22 year, or so, taught himself to play guitar after being moved by a Stephen Stills song.

Drei Sterne

Just the way she talks about food and cooking makes you hungry. Her description of how you “mercifully” kill a lobster is poignant.

A Warning for Travelers

What not to eat in southern Ohio.


The January issue of Harper’s, in “Readings,” includes an excerpt from Hannah Thomas’s interview with Gary Stevenson.