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Veep Poetry

A Note on Sonnets 2–13


Another Zagajewski



Rural Reflections

Awesomest comment ever finishes the limerick that begins with the line, “There was a sperm donor named Onan.”

Scotch and Sun

“Bountiful,” by Michael Waters

The next night we ate whale

when i was five
i went fishing with my family
my dad caught a turtle
my mom caught a snapper
my brother caught a crab
i caught a whale

that night we ate crab
the next night we ate turtle
the next night we ate snapper…

(by Tao Lin)

Religion & Poetry

Marilynne Robinson, reviewing Harold Bloom’s and Jesse Zuba’s anthology, American Religious Poems speaks about and around what we’ve been discussing elsewhere.

Maybe Dats Your Pwoblem Too

One big lake district of awesome

I wandered lonely along, as if I was a cloud…

Adult Night at Skate World

A nice poem.

A poem

On the occasion of my own thirtieth birthday, I enlist someone else to speak for me.

There is one other quite famous Latin American poem dedicated to Papa Whitman… I shall post it soon. This is great, I post poems. You read them, or you don’t. But it gives the allusion of being active. Even if I don’t write on all the stuff I had thought I would, like Bobby V’s book and other things.

Energy: A Villanelle

Since everyone seems so keen on poetry…

To unbaptize the world

Nothing like a little argentine poetry.

The Dresser

“The Dresser” by Nurse Whitman (1867)

I see them everywhere

a matter of economy, two versions

another poem… from yours truly… not jorie, not linda, not paul, not john, not ringo, not george

History, by Jorie Graham

The poet in question is Jorie Graham, and history.

the things we do not know

It’s obviously a first draft… and who knows if I should continue with it… but for your reading pleasure, I give you the first scribblings of mine in over a year.

Two Poems for Easter Sunday

poems for easter…one day, if i ever write again, i might post one of mine.

Three poems for Thursday

3 hauntingly beautiful poems. I may have posted them in the past… I don’t remember. But, they’re worth multiple readings.

Sestina Selection

I have the habit of checking out McSweeney’s online every week or so.