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youthful indiscretion

JH’s blog isn’t the only getting a lot of traffic out of the thing that went down yesterday

for the fracas (proper denomination of the event is still TBD) involved our own huggable, lovable, hermit: the G-dog, the original, never to be repeated Grover

who has recently confessed to youthful indiscretion not once but twice

and though g is no henry hyde, and neither jh’s nor g’s comments are the same as a torrid and passionate 7 year affair at the age of 40+ with a married woman (or a 5 year one, depending on whether you believe the Hon. Sen. Hyde or Mrs. Snodgrass… I tend not to believe him. And believe that he continued the affair for two more years, which I tend to believe), his defense has set me to wondering, how old must you be before youth can no longer function as an excusatio peccati?



i should say, that more than just youthful indiscretion is wrapped up, bound up and tied up in this whole thing… but, in a way, it seems that we’ve covered part of the content before, deep in the bowels of our archives. but, i’m much less facilitating than g (who would link you to those overly-long, arcane discussions)... so enter the depths of our belly with care… it’s kinda like how louis simpson described american poetry…


Whatever it is, it must have
A stomach that can digest
Rubber, coal, uranium, moons, poems.

Like the shark, it contains a shoe.
It must swim for miles through the desert
Uttering cries that are almost human.

I swear. Poets who wax poetic about poetry say the most ridiculous things. Surely they laugh when people quote them.

Otherwise, I would have you know, I am no spring chicken.

As long as there is someone who is twenty years older than you, you are fair game for being designated young.

i.e. Had HH been caught as the affair was proceeding, the youth defense would be ridiculous. Looking back on it from his current unfathomable age, however, he can clearly see how the fiery passions which spring forth from the loins of men in their 40s had clouded his judgment.

I happen to embrace my youthful indiscretions. I was, true to form and stereotype, once a huge fan of NKOTB. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.

And, being the youth I still am (at least relative to others who post here, I think), I plan to commit a few more youthful indiscretions in the coming years. Perhaps I’ll become a scientologist.

I think a scientist is a fine career for a young sprout like you, S.

What’s that you say? A scienttologist? Eh! Capital business to be in, young man!

Either way. I do have a degree in Chemistry, after all (yet another youthful indiscretion).

(Could a chemist get Super Power?)

Sadly, no. But I am super prepared.

Are you?

Aaaarrrgghh!!! Why do you oppress me, Tim Lahaye? Why?

does this tan count as a YI

If that’s not a YI, I haven’t a clue what one might be.

Speaking of, if I read you right, J, you don’t believe my own cop to piquancy? Whysoever your disbelief? Don’t you think I know a YI when I commit one?

Exactly right. Which is why my response(s) weeks ago were not really offered as excuses—by me, anyway.