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The next night we ate whale

Tyler Meier, Hem, hem! Heather Christle, on the first day of Tyler Meier’s stint as editor for the Kenyon Review blog, shouldn’t have started so well. She made the mistake of introducing to me a brilliant poem, by Tao Lin, “I went fishing with my family when I was five,” which must surely be the best poem ever written on a word processor. How are you ever going to live up to that, Tyler Heather?



Between this and your previous post, I can only conclude that the world is full of far, far cleverer people than me. Of course, I knew that already.

Hasn’t the Kenyon Review heard of making nice, human-readable URLs, though? I mean, just because the American Library Association can’t manage it. . . .

Indeed: cleverer people exist; ergo, blog.

All due credit to Heather Christle for that post—it is her work. Her poems are worthy of your attention in their own right—find a chapbook at the Octopus website, issue six.

Intriguing. I read them quickly but will go back again: the last time I felt so odd while reading, I was reading Beckett…

(And thanks for Octopus, too—I didn’t know it.)

Also, apologies to Ms. Christle. I read the note originally, wondered what exactly it meant (after all, it had Tyler Meier’s name on it, too), then forgot to think about it again. I’ll correct this in the post, too.

Glad you enjoyed the poem, trying now to restore credit to one Mr. Lin.
More of him reading here.

Lin gives a fun reading. And his blog is a trip (great title; cute pink crying sheepthings).

Also, welcome, both Tyler and Heather.

Indeed, welcome to you both. I too do welcome you; though if you do read this, you know doubt will read only the posts of the guy who linked to you, Il miglior fabbro among the hermits left… and, I should add, the most consistent.

You’re so melodramatic.