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since 1978 is the date

well, not really the date, since Gillian’s version was not done in ’78, and scorsese’s ’78 release of the film was of a concert from 1976, i thought i’d de-unitedstatsianify this place with the video of a genius who came onto the music scene in the year the italo-american released his classic film. her music, it doesn’t even need to be said, couldn’t be further than the band’s… but that is beauty of rock.

when the history of music is written, and the divine blip which was MTV in the 80s, before the tawdry reality shows took over (how many times can you watch the months that lead up to the fete of a not so sweet-sixteen year-old jersey, boston, malibu, miami brat before you go postal?), undoubtedly U2 will be spoken of, at least in a footnote, as a group whose career was defined by the music video. but, if the scholar scratches the polycarbonate disc, or whatever they’re using, to get to the acetate below (horrible, i know), s/he will find one of the true auteurs of the medium.

if robbie called it quits because he couldn’t take the touring, bush never toured, except for 6 weeks after the release of her first album—then, nunca más. though she has been seen with rowan atkinson on comic relief

well, and since we´re on british genius chicks who mastered the video format… and loved them some synthesizers!... and have sexy, sexy voices.



WHAT!!! does kate bush get no love what so evar from this group?!

this might just be the last straw, well, not really, the last straw would be the fact that the book needs to go to publishers in the spring, but all this hatin’ on kate bush might just be the excuse to go from hermits to one lonely hermit on his rock. (how’s that for melodramatic?)

Woe is you! I remember now that, after I listened, I was gonna go and listen to depeche mode, but the moment’s gone.