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overheard on npr

1) on why i’m an independent:

the typical republican constituent is the religious right
the typical democratic constituent is some sort of minority
i’m neither
and, my political positions are the result of philosophical reflection.

to this, i only reply with george carlin’s line about driving… Have you ever noticed that anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a moron?

2) watergate… iran-contra… read my lips no new taxes… i did not have sex with that woman… weapons of mass destruction, yellow cake, mobile chemical weapons labs… presidents have erroded the trust of the voting public.

i find it hard to equate two of these with the others…



Which parts were overheard: those before the line, or all of them?

dear editor,

i do hope that the changes made above clarify my post… even as they make it less acute; though, i hope that carlin makes it a little cute

what does “mobile” in that list refer to, i wonder? am i forgetting something??

It’s the WMD labs on trucks that Colin Powell said Saddam Hussein had during his vaunted UN speech. He said Hussein would move ‘em around when the weapons inspectors came.

just for clarification sake, it did read mobile and nothing else. i clarified that for kl’s sake… though, it could be that fifth bloody mary that is clouding her vision and not letting her see the enemy clearly.

Why can’t independents just tell the truth and say, “I just don’t like commitment”?

excuse me, but i don’t exactly count my bloody marys as they’re going down…yum!