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Hey! Oktoberfest is this weekend! It’s been a long time since we mentioned beer, and even longer since we actually talked about it. (True story: About eight months after that whole Pee-Br thing, I was at Sutliff’s, and PBR was the only thing worth drinking. So I ordered it. Only, I didn’t order a PBR. I ordered a Pee-Br! I was so ashamed.) On a whim, last week, because I liked the label, I bought some Windmill Wheat, which is brewed about 20 miles from here. It’s bland and has hardly any alcohol at all. On second thought, I might have guessed as much by the label’s pastoral sedateness. So, live and learn!



You’ve got to find a local supplier who can ply you with Belgian monastic ales. There are some Dubbels and Trippels out there that are between 12 and 16%, and are quite tasty.

And, you’re supporting the Lord’s work. They turn beer profits into alms for the poor…generally.

Oh, don’t worry: I’ve got more monkish bocks available here than I can shake a stick at. Problem: they cost $3 to $4 a bottle. That’s expensive!

$3-4 per bottle isn’t really all that bad if you figure up the value by alcohol. To say nothing of the taste.

Oh, I know it’s generally a small price to pay. (Although we did buy a $25 six pack two months ago!) It’s also not bad given that I don’t imbibe very often. However, I don’t often go to John’s either.