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Family Roles

In my household In our abode, we act as workers contributing to the health and well-being of our queen, Equality. Chores are divided equally and without regard for traditional norms or individual desires. When I see dust on a table, I dust it off. When she sees that the checkbook needs balancing, she balances it. I cook, she cooks; she cleans, I clean: we are opportunistic in maintaining the balance that allows our shared lives to work together seamlessly. Service to our queen extends beyond chores to all areas of our shared lives. For example, sex is no power struggle but is rather a meeting of like minds and bodies in the pursuit of shared intimacy. Property is a purely common good held in the interest of our collective well-being. Major decisions are made together, and we trust each other’s judgment such that minor decisions never become source of tension. Sometimes we lament that not everyone structures their lives into egalitarian utopias like ours, but then we take heart that, at the very least, we present to the world a successful standard to be emulated.



Are you making fun of me?

You guys should teach Christian Home.

I submit proof that the Christian home is not so equal as ours.

Which is why you need to teach it, of course!

oh, what you’ve been missing; sex only gets better when it’s manipulative

OK, ao I went and read the link to “household duties,” and thought the “crack” in the second comment there was the one between your buttcheeks. Which I found funnier than the meaning intended. Does that mean I am naive, or morally depraved?

Even if the thought caused you to laugh rather than to faint with worry (the best response, obvs) it means that your mind is in the right place.