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Amelia Earhart...

was hot.

The things you learn from PBS....



She was building a ranch near here just before she died. There’s a great photo (first in the set of results—the Meeteetse page has been down for some time) of Earhart getting a haircut from a local rancher, the father of a woman who goes to my church.

I like that he’s in full cowboy regalia, hat and chaps and all. It’s such a contrast with her (pre)jetsetting celebrity.

Interviewees on American Experience last night included other pilots from the era. They said that because she spent so much time on the lecture circuit (which she did because she and G.P. Putnam lived so well), she didn’t practice flying enough to be as good a pilot as she should’ve been. Those women were not a little catty!

So, too, was Gore Vidal, who was blathering inanities such as, “She married her manager. Every great actress at some point marries her manager.”