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This land is our land

Timmy Has the Right to Vote, Too

Were I not lazy and at work, I would develop the image of Timmy voting more fully.

Let’s Have a Princess Party


Sarah Palin

Shout Out

Because I’ve now responded to the question twice (and both times I’ve bitten my tongue and not called the questioner a racist asshole), I suspect you’re probably hearing it too. If you would like to respond, then feel free to use my answer. Moreover, feel free to adopt it as your own, recycle it, condense it, elaborate on it, spread it to the ends of the Intarwebs. Truth is worth spreading.


Even if you can


Pat Robertson

What Obama Means

On Torture

From Scott Horton’s interview with Darius Rejali, author of Democracy and Torture.

On Settling

February 10

What do you think Anonymous is going to do?!


It’s not as if Hillary Clinton came out of nowhere to win New Hampshire.

Pojebali kone voz!

This is largely meaningless. I just wanted to write a post that translated the title.

Hating on Christmas Some More

Post-It Preacher

I’m all a-twitter over who wrote it, colleague or custodian? I’m betting custodian because I can’t really imagine my colleagues acting so anonymously. Still: the intrigue! The absurdity!

Gilded Age

I wonder what other comparisons are cropping up between now and the late nineteenth century?


If YouTube is a black hole of stupidity. StupidFilter may soon be the Internet’s dark matter.


I’ve had several such epiphanies lately, a fact that I find odd since I only lived with the man a few years and during select—albeit formative—summers.

And the beat goes on…

I’m having a difficult time deciding which stinks more about this Frank Rich column.

Greetings from Corporate America!

It remains to be seen whether management will relent from the extraordinary pressure put upon it by the signs, whether management will find some way to punish the sign makers for their insolence, or whether Scott Adams will find the story just infuriating enough that he writes it into a Dilbert strip.

Doing Soldiers Right

I should be inured to it now, but I still find it astonishing how brilliantly the Bush administration—and, for that matter, all of the G.O.P. candidates—simultaneously dotes on the military and hates on soldiers.

On Weber

Yglesias unsheaths his vorpal sword Max Weber, and it goes snicker-snack.

The Cult of the Soldier

Christopher Hayes speaks truth.

Confluence of two cultural moments this week: First, while watching the reruns from last season’s Smallville and Supernatural on Thursday, I realized that both shows ended on a plot that featured soldiers who had recently been in war. Second, 3:10 to Yuma.

George Bush and dramatic irony

In the same way that one knows that the nubile woman running down a dark hallway in a horror flick will sprain her ankle tripping over her boyfriend’s body, one also knows what the policy in any George Bush Iraq speech will be.

I’m Warning You

Blogs are made for idle threats.

The proper way to combat misinformation is not to hide the truth—truth cannot be veiled, anyway; but to publicize it. In the case of Mark Elrod’s “‘I Saw Fred Thompson at a Church of Christ’ Challenge,” it’s Elrod’s motive for posting the challenge that has been most questioned.


An insurrection of the language is the most apropos way to render the opinion of the court meaningless.

They never report the good news

Sunday’s Cedar Rapids Gazette revealed its liberal bias against the goings on in Oelwein, Iowa, with its reporting on the town’s “doom and gloom” ceremony.


Reflections on clemency on the evening of President Bush’s commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence.

The real date is June 3, 1997

Asymmetric warfare works against imperial power because it exists in the symbolic register of social justice: resistance against those who would demand rule is a noble cause.

Coal subsidies are bad, yet here again they’re being pushed.

Verily, verily I say unto thee

What Annoys Me Today


I'm a Patsy

This day in history...

Optiva No More

Tonight the membership voted, 806–631 , to overturn October’s vote that changed the name of the credit union to Optiva. For now, the name will remain the University of Iowa Community Credit Union.

The Publican Party

What is good political strategy in the face of petty politics?

Just a little thinking late at night.

Pants Oblivion

Do legs grow suddenly after 30, or is fashion blindness just an unfortunate genetic anomaly?


Many thanks to L for pointing to Kathryn Chetkovich’s essay “Envy” in Granta. Reading it was for me an experience: I began reading sordidly, for gossip, but then, in a moment, I was reading thoughtfully, for appreciation.

Art for Labor Day

Three scenes from drawings by Blanche Grambs, Jacob Burck, and Moses Soyer.

On a Belief about College

What does it mean to say, “College was the best years of my life”?

American Savage

In which our crazy professor places Hobbes’ and Darwin’s statements on the American Savage side-by-side

To Che or Not to Che

Memories of my life as a commie prof

Hobbes' Instamatic

If a picture paints a thousand words, oh why can’t I paint you.

Choice and all that rot

Sometimes I feel like I only make sense to myself. Perhaps it’s because it’s true, and everyone else thinks I’m a raving lunatic.

el gran debate

since my last post generated gobs of interest… here’s a little rant

lessons from the apocalypse 2

It’s hermeneutics baby!

To Dream the Impossible Dream

In which my readers flee to the mountians like the galley slaves freed by Don Quijote.

My Vanity Pit Bull

Our new downstairs neighbors, neither of whom, it is now obvious, went to New Trier, mark their days with a series of scents that force their ways through the air vents into to our apartment. At ten in the morning, sandalwood incense; four in the afternoon, the alcohol smell of lysol; eight o’clock in the evening, a smell of searing meat like liver.

Darling you gotta let me know...

in which our blogger asks are all leavings the same? and entreats others to go about the hard task of conversation

Last Tuesday plans for Crystal Bridges, the Wal-M-Art museum in development in Bentonville, Arkansas, were submitted to the Bentonville planning office.

Is it wicked to have glee over the news that the TomKat union may have been subverted by her parents over the ChristmaDays?

that cheese got da stank!

on the question of cheese, or the stringiness that binds us together and the halitosis that revolts us

Tattoo Satan on Your Shoulder

Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian.

The State and the Church

In June of 2004 the Internal Revenue Service issued a letter (and simultaneously, a press release) to churches and other tax-exempt organizations reminding them of the ties that bound them to their own tax-exempt status.