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A Dog’s Life

I know what it is like to know shame and regret for the fact a dog once gave me more love than I deserved.

common place

Til Death Do Us Part

I Am Really Not That Bright

packing my library, redux

On Reading a Few Good Books

Packing My Library

i hate christmas!

on foodieness

Family Roles

Sometimes we lament that not everyone structures their lives into egalitarian utopias like ours, but then we take heart that, at the very least, we present to the world a successful standard to be emulated.

waiting is the toughest part

if you were to ask us…

Negative ≠ Opposite

I seem to have lost most of whatever tact I had and, at the same time, all of my already paltry logical faculties.

On Hermeneutical Despair


I hate when I get a pimple on my ass.

rhetorical crutches

Luther’s Most Difficult Task

I haven’t been to my church in three weeks.

Household Duties

My life as a paterfamilias.

Exit Four

Realization on the Iowa City Transit system.

Sex Thoughts

I don’t have to feel sheepish anymore.

Bible stories

a question of biblical proportions…

Curious tales of the land below the Pyranees

Pride of Place...

Not even a snowball’s chance…

A Warning for Travelers

What not to eat in southern Ohio.

Just plain ole, good, delicious gossip.

on color and trust

In which the professor talks some about race in the classroom.

Political History

This will no doubt bore you. It was in response to Greg and was getting long… my posts are way to long these days.


i could also title this tying up loose threads… finding lost coins… or, tending my garden where i am… at least until the tenure clock tic-tocs me outta here

in which our blogger asks even though the gospel is for all, is evangelism for all?


Standing in the foyer, looking at the sanctuary such as it is, rather than entertain a brewing dilemma, and in spite of the fact I had already greeted several people that morning, I decided to leave, and did.