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A couple of weeks ago we saw Voom, an exhibition of 33 high-definition portraits by Robert Wilson.

Things around here

What Hangs on My Wall


Orson Whales

If Itin wants to cut up any of my books and do that, he’s welcome.

If wishes were horses

If I had a the patience or a research assistant to do the work of seeking them out, I would illustrate all my blog posts with nineteenth-century magazine engravings.

holiday update: or egomanism

What am I, chopped liver?


2 chick vids for this monday

Why doesn’t Crystal Bridges have a joblist?

What else was I to do with my hands in the middle of class?

Watermelon Sculpture Reenactment

I forgot to photoblog yesterday’s watermelon sculpture, so I reenacted it today. Such are the sacrifices I make for posterity.

More on Allegory

Thomas Kinkade Masterpiece Homes

What the promotional materials don’t say is that Kinkade brands marks each lot personally.

Mt. Hope Cemetery

Rochester is home to the first municipal cemetery in the U.S., Mt. Hope Cemtery, where Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and many other persons are buried. We wandered the cemetery widely and still saw very little.

Coburn’s Portraits


Eric Zener’s Swimmers

It’s about the concept of transformation and renewal and replenishment; that sense of discovery that water physically offers us. I also think there’s a subconscious reason why we’re drawn to bodies of water. When we’re around water or in water there’s a universal sense of calm, a personal baptism. It’s cleansing in so many ways: psychologically, physically. Water’s a powerful force. It’s both friend and foe.
Eric Zener (via, which is also the source of the quote above)

Chocolate Jesus, but Seriously

Jerry Harp, in his characteristically soft-spoken, intense way, explores the idea of Cavallaro’s sculpture at length:

Chocolate Jesus

Cosimo Cavallaro has sculpted a crucified Jesus out of 200 pounds of dark chocolate, which will go on exhibition in New York next week through Easter.

On PBS tonight was a National Geographic show about grave robbers archaeologists and more generally the reclamation of Afghan culture after the scorched-art policies of the Taliban.

Symmetry in Retail

All images are from this photo essay in Mother Jones of the Copia Project by Brian Ulrich, an attempt to document and critique consumerism as a political act.

Abridged Crystal

he Philadelphia Art Museum, its partners, and Kevin Bacon) raised the $68 million it needed to keep Thomas Eakins’ The Gross Clinic in Philadelphia and out of the clutches of heartland that is the Crystal Bridges museum in Arkansas.

Fun with Carcasses

Sarina Brewer does some wicked fantasy taxidermy.

(If your kids are around—even though I did leave out the more gruesome images—you probably shouldn’t click through.)

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Jesus Covers

Jesus covers from Time magazine.

Everyday Low Price

Friday Thomas Jefferson University announced that Philadelphia has seven weeks to raise more than $68 million, else Thomas Eakins’ 1875 painting The Gross Clinic would be sold to Crystal Bridges and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Dinosaur Comics #870

Dinosaur Comics is cool.

Jesus's Penis part III

What do we do with Jesus’s genitalia?

Jules Kirschenbaum

Yesterday we visited the university art museum where by by far the most intriguing exhibition right now is a retrospective of work by Jules Kirschenbaum.