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wishing you the best in

BIG SKY country, Here we come!



i don’t know; that could be greg being carted out of the state by federal agents if he’s not careful.

well, he got there in one piece. keep your fingers crossed for him…

Many good thoughts from the neighbor to the south, where yesterday it was 72 degrees and today it is just barely above freezing. . . but things are starting to turn green. I’ll take it as a sign.

thanks for this.

as for weather, not so cold in billings, but it was a bit snowy. let’s hope today (judgment day) is better!

good luck! and it’s almost over…

hope it went well…i look forward to an update!

(We’re still not back in our apartment, so our time is limited: so this will be too brief. Maybe—maybe! We can sleep at home Thursday?)

It went well. Very well. I believe. I think they thought it went well, too, but I can’t know that for sure until they call with an offer, which likely won’t be until early next week. S, my primary contact, said T, the boss, wants to make the decision after 1 more interview and before she goes on vacation Monday. Bad for me: 1 more interview; good for me: they’re not planning to deliberate on that person, and that person’s gonna hafta rock their world through three encores and a supersecret postshow jam at a private nightclub to come out appearing cooler than I. (That’s hyperbole. Sort of.) Monday: 3 hour interview + lunch + a tour of their new LEED Gold-certified green office building (1st commercial building in the state to get LEED Gold + 30 mins. of another timed monkey writing sample. I joked with K beforehand that this one would be more informal than the last, a “why do you want to work for us?” kind of piece, and what do you know? It was! Then I flew out. There was a lot of inexperience on my part—it is a shift in careers, after all— but I did what I could to say, over and over, “Transferrable skills! Transferable skills! Kickass woofers with a midrange that pops! Transferable skills!”

Then I flew into a snowstorm in Denver. It was a tiring weekend, and I’m going to try to get to bed early tonight.

Best of luck and try not to lose your mind during the next week or so.

An update on earlier exchanges, distantly related to this post about career changes and transferable skills. Faulkner’s law school received a recommendation for accreditation from the ABA this week, and all that’s left is the formal acceptance of the recommendation this summer, which almost always follows the recommendation.

I hope that this will be a watershed moment for CoC higher-ed in the South. It’s a big deal.

JRB's link to Faulkner

indeed, it is a big deal… where does this leave you and your plans to become an educator?

Pending and cautiously optimistic. I am on the exact same timetable as Greg, having had very similar experiences in the last few weeks.

Party at the hermitage, Tuesday (or Alternate Time), for all applicants with offers?

I’ll bring the cake.

I got the salsa and a 6 of Belgian bock!

Bottle of wine, fruit on the vine. . .

i want the salsa and beer. i prefer fruity beer, but i can dig the other. i actually had good beer from our home state last week—i can’t remember the name exactly, but it was something “red”.

I knew I should add framboise to the list as soon as I posted it! Consider it brung, (with Berry Weiss as backup in case the real stuff’s unavailable).