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First, there is a reason for a “technoia” category on this blog.

Second, Freeman and GKB, you can’t just expect me to come to your Twitter party, which I have no doubt would introduce me to vast new realms of inefficiency, for no good reason. You’re both nice and all, but you’re just not all that by yourselves, IYKWIM. Not only do I have my cred to maintain, but also the lost work is just not worth it unless I get something worthwhile like unwholesomeness in return. You best prove that stuff’s better than cocaine, else you get nothing from me.



Well, Freeman should hardly be the standard by which you judge the Twitterverse.

For instance, just yesterday I posted a link to the amazing 2008 Feature Reporting photography Pulitzer winners, and that was good. Perhaps not cocaine good, but nonetheless.

Perhaps your standards for internet intercourse should come down a notch…

I could tell you that inefficiency is the new efficiency. Or I could rave about how I was able to follow the congressional hearings today via the NPR twitter feed.
But you want unwholesomeness? Then, alas, Twitter is most likely not for you.
No, bookik? That might be just up your alley.

I suspect my standards for Internet intercourse are not nearly as low as the Internet’s and are just as high as they need to be, tx.

Dude, when did you become all concerned about efficiency and not wasting time on the internet? Are you the next hermit chris or something?

I suspect the link in 2 is NSFW, but alas, Scott gives no indication, so I will not follow it.

Techcrunch is SFW. “Boobik?” is not.

4: One should maintain clear boundaries, else the great mass of humanity will steal all of one’s low-wage jobs.

You are so full of it, G.

I don’t see any of these people joining Predictify. At least that crack pays out.

Yeah, it’s safe. I wouldn’t post one that wasn’t without a warning.

Get Twit, man.

I tried Predictify, but it didn’t awe me, or thrill me.

Oddly enough, I just Stumbled upon this link. (the photo might not be SFW, depending on the W)

Perhaps your standard for getting money for nothing should come down a notch from “awed” or “thrilled.”

I began testing this thing last night. So far it seems OK, like fb status on Adderal, but it is functionally silly without integration into an IM client or the Firefox extension.