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In the loo just now, a man was brushing his teeth over the leftmost sink. I remember seeing him before and thinking him especially meticulous when he washes, but nothing prepared me for what I just saw. For the few minutes I was there, he didn’t stop, and he was no slow brusher: that toothbrush vibrated like a guitar string the entire time. It was while I washed my hands that I noticed the toothpaste. The foam was overflowing his mouth and dripping down the side of his hand into the sink. I was surprised. First, I never use that much paste; second, I think even if I completely covered the bristles of my brush then added a little more I couldn’t get that much froth. So I’m curious how he did it. Did he squirt the paste in his mouth first so he could get enough, or did he load the bristles, brush a while, then load them again? Or is it just that he was using a special kind of paste guaranteed to make him look rabid?



that man sounds like my kind of toothbrusher.

Did I mention K’s a maniacal toothrbrusher, too?

I didn’t see it myself obviously, but large amounts of toothbrushing foam can come from comparatively small amounts of toothpaste. I bet if you saturated the toothbrush your mouth would overflow like a washing machine in a bad sitcom.

I usually saturate my toothbrush pretty well, but I never have foam dripping from my hands. Perhaps he has loose lips?

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