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to feel ignorance

our local npr station, whom i won’t embarass, is running a self-promoting ad, in which a person from the street extols the wonders of npr…without it she would feel ignorance, boredom, and something else i forget.

now, i know the irony of me, mr. can’t spell, can’t punctuate commenting on this. but i actually think that it’s a beautiful slip of the tongue.

to reach out and feel ignorance. i think that mr stevenson would be an example of someone who has reached out and touched ignorance.

yes, i have ritually starved persons and chopped their heads off.
yes, yummy, nothing goes with a good skull of alcohol than baby.

i reached out and touched ignorance when i suggested that our bible class should do a study of revelations. i may abdicate to others who have reached out and touched ignorance and let mr. lahaye teach the class. (according to micklethwait and wooldridge, lahaye met carter and as he left the oval office prayed “God, we have to get this man out of the White House and get someone in here who will be aggressive about bringing back traditional moral values.” a citation taken from. this prayer, of course, doesn’t make lahaye ignorant, per se…but it is curious and baffling since being a real christian wasn’t good enough for him).

all this to say…i promise soon a number of new books will appear on our left (one that’s a biographical novel on sor juana, that casts her as a lesbian; another on this right nation in which we live; another on ID another on a brief history of the world, and another on trinidad’s most peripatetic son and his first journey back home) and a number of new posts are brewing (some being just reviews). one that might even attempt gravitas…and jump into the whole romans chapter 1 thing that’s been alluded in a number of posts one on cheese (albeit very obliquely)...and one on finding a redecorating, hairstylist who’s a good raconteur

and really that list is just to make me look smart.

ohh…and i checked out what i was supposed to be making…and i wish that my institution read this. i’m the guy whose pay balances out the rockstar pharm prof that’s getting 100+K to cure athletes foot



If I read this correctly, you’ve sent, or you’re a day from sending, Oviedo away?

If so, Yay!

To reach out and touch ignorance. I like that.

Oh yeah—and the books are on the right. :)

correctly read

well, i notorioulsy get left and right completely mixed up…much to T’s consternation.

-you said to turn right?
-yes, right.
as she turns right.
-what are you doing? i told you to turn right!
all the while motioning to the left with my hand.
-i’m turning right! now, if you wanted me to turn left, why didn’t you say so?!
-well, if you had looked at my hand you would’ve known that it was to the right, i mean left!!!!

you really don’t want to know how many times we’ve had this same exchange over our 9 years

yep, i think this left-right confusion has some kind of actual name, but i can’t think what it would be. as a young lass, i had many such driving experiences with my mother, who always says the opposite of the direction she means; and i’m pretty sure my soon-to-be-a-full-fledged-architect college roommate does this as well. i don’t know what that might mean for the buildings she designs…

i don’t know what’s up lately with greg’s (retarded) insistence on pointing out j’s comparatively insignificant flaws. did you two get married when i wasn’t looking? what gives? where’d my abuse go?? i mean, other than being informed that i’d make an abysmal housewife, i’ve been getting off way too easy lately!

Oh, pooh. you all know not to mind me when I’m PMSy.

The big question, of course: is T going to let J teach E how to drive?

that’s a definite no.

i learned to drive in the carribean.

as a young lad of 15 dad would drop me off in the gaslines and i would have to make my way home as best i could with a car full of full gas cans, dodging the pot holes and the other crazy drivers. and, to be honest, i am an awful driver.

Of course, by the time E is old enough to drive, there might be gas lines in Atlanta.

What will you do then, huh?