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Things that are Fake

Did you know San Antonio’s River Walk is totally fake—I mean, even more fake than your standard, Branson-type tourist trap? The San Antonio river dried up in 1904, and since then, the city has been filling the river just north of the city by pumping it full of groundwater from the Edwards Aquifer. Recently, they began using recycled sewage and runoff instead.

Coincidentally, recycled sewage is also how I describe Wild at Heart, only without the benefit of it also being fertilizer.



at least they are using recycled precious bodily fluids rather than precious aquifer.

as to wild@heart… i said all i’m gonna say about it a while back

Aww, c’mon. I get a good laugh every time I open that book. I wonder if there’s anybody in my neighborhood studying it…?

to me, this sounds like the emails that my students send me. the point was not to inform us about river walk…but about your opinion on the book. thus, your post itself is fake… much like the music on river walk is fake. not that i don’t like old jazz… but, i like the sound of old jazz by old jazz players… not the sound of old jazz by new jazz players trying to sound like old jazz.

Well, it was as much about river walk as about the book—hence the title. But I’ve never been to river walk. I have read (part of) that blasted book.

You want I should delete the whole and try again?

Or I could just make fun of your Jesus beard. Talk about fake masculinity…

oh make fun of the beard… why delete the post?

after all, we at hermits aren’t about being serious.

it seems that they won’t be asking me. so, i’ve shaved and i’m walking around with nothing but chin hair, and t complains bitterly.

tho, a student told me that i look like abraham lincoln…

You’re goateeing? How bohemian!

If you are like Abe, though, that’s less Bohemian, and more gay.

Ok, I just have to put this here: this Lincoln from that salon article linked above is hott hot, in a skinny man’s buff kind of way.

doris kearns goodwin is sooo ahead of you!

2nd to last question

it’s the goatee sans moustachio

To speak to your original—question, was it?—I’m also reading a book on water rights and abuses of groundwater use in America. We can chat about that, if you like. Did you know Tampa Bay, FL, has drained several lakes dry, having pumped all their water out through wells?

look at you!! getting ready for the flight up to the northern plains!!!

hey abe/jesus, my students want to know who sancho is satirizing, if dq is charles v. other than that, they were resistant to the idea that dq was anything more than a fun satire that cervantes did just to entertain himself, like all their clever timewasters that get forwarded around on email. i thought this was a pretty eighth-grade level interpretation (“why does everything in poetry have to symbolize something else? why don’t they just say what they mean?”), but hey, at least they did the reading. or faked it, to return to the subject of this post.

Indeed, if you can call falling asleep on the futon in the middle of the day with a cat and a book on your lap preparation, then that’s what I am doing.

sancho, of course, is spain… i would say more, even at the cost of boring our readers, but this is turning into a fullblown post, so i will get that on-line sometime tonight.

God I envy your life.

Above comment meant for Greg, though J’s life may be pretty sweet too.

will pass that on.
so greg, does this mean you have an interview? i must have missed this info.

i almost felt important… somebody envies my life!

no, i don’t fall asleep on the futon in the middle of the day with my cat all cozied up with a book on drying up aquifers.

JH, envy away, although are you sure that you want the pennilessness that goes along with it?

mary, greg says i can answer your question, and then this way i can keep him from stealing my seat at the computer yet again…looks like those people are going to fly him out there, but we don’t know when yet. he’s already interviewed with them over the phone twice, so hopefully this won’t involve another formal interview. i guess he’ll find out when they call back to suggest travel plans. hence the boning up on environmental issues (or falling asleep over them, whichever…)

What K said. Fingers crossed, tomorrow’s when they call. If not, I will scream a silent death. And I am sure that K will scream a louder silent death.

Ooh—fingers crossed, lucky charms rubbed, prayers for not screaming any kind of death, silent or otherwise!

I already have the pennilessness. Still being in grad school, I toil endlessly and pay the school for my trouble, rather than they paying me. You may not be getting paid, but at least you’re not paying someone for the honor of working for them.

Anyway, I envy you not so much for the leisure you have during the day, but for the futon and the cat.

I hated that part of graduate school that had me pay tuition. We had a union, and because of it we were paid a fair market wage for our work, but without it, both K and I would have been sunk. (Not that we’re not sunk now…)

The futon has its problems, and if I were feeling peckish, I might discourage you from envying it, but it’s functional; however, the cat is beyond reproach. He crowds open laps and loves to join sleepers in their sleeping. He purrs with abandon. He must be loved!

Bingley, with foot.


I can regale you with lots of that sort of thing, if you ever need a cat.blog fix. Here’s one more, to prevent cat jealousy.

Jane, next to a dictionary

a girl must air her belly after a hard day of dictionary reading.

the leg and toes are above reproach, as well

Leg and toes appear courtesy of summer.

Ah. . . my cat is also fond of this posture , but as she is also rather plump, it ’s not exactly above reproach. This shot is more adorable.

My apologies for taking up comment real estate with non-Hermit cat photos. I couldn’t help myself.

Let it be known that the Hermit-Author of this post appreciates all cat photos—on topic or off. Cat commenting is a totally acceptable practice.

That 2nd pic of Tyger is quite adorable!

Oh good! Tyger is rather adorable, if somewhat difficult at times. I am also fond of this picture of cat and computer.

we at hermits have never had issues with people grandstanding, hijacking, or even using our site as a kitty-cat show-off place.

especially when they are as great as the cat and computer…and this is from someone who is allergic to cats.

though, if one is cuddly and warm, i can’t resist.

Your graciousness knows no bounds. I am technically allergic to cats, but, as I once said to an allergist, I would rather have the cat and take more antihistamines than not have the cat and take more antidepressants.

personally, i like the first up-close pic of tyger-lolling-on-back.

it seems that our cats give us allergy difficulties as well, especially bingley, as dandruffy as he always is. it’s only because they’re so cute that they can get away with these atrocities.

we should say… these pictures of cats are anything but fake…
cat’s couldn’t be fake even if they had the ability to dissemble

I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps we can only take so much fakery, and Eldredge, combined with San Antonio and a gay Lincoln, overloaded our collective. Enough cats for now! Back to inauthentic things! You used the wrong word: disassemble means “not tell the truth.” I don’t know where you get this word, dissemble.