Hermits Rock

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Things around here

Have been just a little too stuffy and highfalutin for me. Plus, it’s Spring Break…



Spring break in the middle of winter? WTF!

welcome to the south!

it is rather early this year…

Brilliant! Thanks for lightening things up, BG. I needed those laughs baaaaaaad.

I’d heard Terry Gross interview them last summer and have been wishing i had cable ever since…

Jeez, you guys are white.

“It’s business time!” has been a catchphrase between B and I for months, though we never use it with the meaning it has in the song. It would sorta kill the mood.

that would be between b and me

You pedantic cracker.

For JH, what BG should’ve posted in the first place:

re:7… uh, your the one who has over-corrected in a middle-class desire to speechify properly.

re:8… well, they were a folk-duo before the show. the snippets from the show are funny… but i find their performance on stage to be funnier, mainly because one gets to see their timing.

It’s “you’re,” not “your.”