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Sweet Land

I noticed at my last trip to Blockbuster that Sweet Land is out. Since 80% of this blog’s readers (that is, the eight of you who don’t live with me) have forgotten the chewy flavor of buttersoaked popcorn and the odd sensation of having one’s shoes stick to the floor, and since you therefore didn’t have a clue what I was talking about the first time I mentioned it, and in the off chance that Cinderella isn’t permanently installed in your DVD player and, after 8 PM on odd Fridays, you can actually watch movies in which the animals don’t talk, I figure it’s time to give it a real recommendation. It’s as Midwestern a story as can be written, full of cornfields and farmhouses and Norwegians and rich bankers and big families and hard work—like Cather, or like Keillor might be if he dropped the smarmy “English major” bit. A thoroughly pleasant movie, and worth your time.