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If YouTube is a black hole of stupidity, StupidFilter may soon be the Internet’s dark matter. From the FAQ:

What about ironic uses of “stupid” diction?

The StupidFilter is blind to irony. Our intent is that one or two instances of “lol” or “ur dum” in several paragraphs of otherwise-cogent text won’t result in a false positive. However, we consider the StupidFilter’s irony-ignorance to be a feature, insofar as even if an allegedly smart person makes a short, stupid comment, their smartness doesn’t make the comment any less stupid. If your mom had designed the StupidFilter, she might say “If you can’t say anything smart, don’t say anything at all.”

The random stupidity generator is even better:

(More on StupidFilter here.)



What I really, really like, though, is that they ask, “Wanna help?”

Don’t forget the button text, “MOAR”!

After clicking through some of those, it seems pretty obvious that some of these youtube commenters are not native English speakers.