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Paula, please make it stop!

Over and over and over and over in that voice she won’t stop singing... It’s not at all like playing hide and seek with cruel intentions—it’s torture! If I turn a corner, will a cartoon cat dance at me? What is happening??? Can I have some information please? Am I a page in your history book? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me?

(In better news, K just got a job offer!)



Are you drunk? Not asking in a judgmental way, just curious.

Congrats to K.

Not drunk, except on Paula: I can’t get the damn song out of my head, and I think it only right that you poor, poor hangers-on share in my suffering.

what’s been in my mind all day is

i talk to myself ‘cuz i there is one to talk to people ask me why, why i do what i do.

Interesting. On the one hand, totally insane:

Do you understand.. whatcha gonna do when Nina hit you
with the critical homidical lyrical killer flippin
leavin you with boo-boo underpants?

On the other hand, puntastic:

Am I living within a pen of demons?

what is the job offer, k?

indeed, k, spill the beans….

and mary, you are with the living quite early… how are things?

took the job. it’s not all that exciting in that it’s both part-time and temporary (about 6 months), but it is exciting in that it’s finally a job along the lines of what i’ve been looking for (nonprofit), and it sounds like it may lead to something more permanent if they like me, etc. it’s a statewide coalition of nonprofits that does fundraising through “workplace giving,” a la The United Way. the member organizations are more progressive, though, (social change, environment, etc) rather than human- and social services oriented. so i start next week coordinating their campaigns.

how’re baby V, sis, and parents?

congrats on the promising-sounding job offer!
baby v is doing super. sis is having some tantrum-esque moments, but overall doing v well and loves talking to/holding/kissing the baby. parents sleep-deprived and wondering what will happen next week when chris returns to work full-time, grandma leaves us to our own devices, and mary still can’t drive or pick up anything heavier than baby v.
stay tuned…

As is often the case, I’m a few days behind (but then, as I did not listen to popular music in the ‘80s, because I came from a weird academic household where, for instance, my parents once belonged to a Baroque recorder group, I am not much good at sympathizing about Ms. Abdul). In any case—I think I lost track of that last sentence somewhere—apologies to the editors among us—congratulations on the job, K, and I’m glad to hear that M and V are doing well.

here’s hoping rose doesn’t need much picking-up for the time being…