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i really resent having to do this on my sunday afternoon…my day of rest…the day when i shouldn’t even be listening to npr, as i am, nor watching dvd’s (which i’ve done), nor planning to watch the west wing (though i will, only to be with my wife as she oogles jimmy), nor go shopping (especially since blue laws are in effect)



jimmy is definitely oglible (oglable?).

oh, so it’s one o

the other question, though, is whether it’s an “i” or an “a.”

or whether it’s an ahhh or an eah

44 google hits for oglable and 1 (which was ify for oglible)

so, i’m wondering

does this make the first line bold automatically as if it were a title?

Yes. Unless there is much objection, the first line of every comment is bold. I set it that way as a means of distinguishing one comment from another. Textpattern likes to make comments a numbered list, like the comments at a few voices. Comparing it to a title, however, is apt.