Hermits Rock

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For years I’ve been a morning jogger because I do like the dawn. There’s no time like it: as light ascends, the moon and stars fade from brightness until only the planets are visible; meanwhile, the songbirds sing their territories. It’s peaceful to witness the dawn out in it.

But I’m moving my jogs to evenings. I am trying to reschedule my days because I’ve other things I want to accomplish in the mornings. My goal is to get up at 5 o’clock every day. Unfortunately, last night, even though we’d decided not to do the midnight show, instead of climbing in bed when I should’ve, I piddled around on the guitar. When I did go to sleep, I dreamed of apocalypse and extinction: all of Earth’s creatures were dying and the Western U.S. was swiftly becoming a desert like the Sahara. So this morning? A wash!



i tried to make it less obvious that I mailed this one in; by many metrics, I see I failed miserably.

yeah, we could tell.

speaking of phoning in… the best use of that phrase to date, is topher whatever his name is, playing himself in oceans 12….

i totally phoned in that movie with denis quaid

I have never seen an Oceans flick.

they’re breezy

Like whale’s breath floating over the sandy shore?

My goal is also to get up at 5, or at least 5:30, but truth be told, most days it’s more like 6. The problem at this time of year is that it’s hard to go to bed early, because it stays light so late.

My problem with going to bed early is that, at some point during my adolescence I decided for good that no day was complete without approximately eight hours of leisure time. So, during periods of employ and studentship, I end up staying up very late in order to get my leisure hours in. I suffer for it in the morning. I’m going to suffer for it tomorrow morning.

That’s a lot of leisure. Whatever do you do with yourself?

I dunno. Stuff. What I do depends on whether I’m living with B or not.

Your life is charmed.

Yeah, I guess it kind of is.