Hermits Rock

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Varmint took down the bird feeder last night. Since this photo, it had acquired a squirrel baffle that I suspect worked on the raccoon (it didn’t work on the squirrels). As he slid off the side he grabbed on and brought the ensemble to the ground in a crash of steel on wood on earth. The noise woke all of us up. As I shined a light out the window to investigate, from a pile of sunflower seeds and mangled feeder his beady little eyes stared back. Then he left for the creek.



The little bitch came back tonight, not a week after I hammered the feeder back together. At least there weren’t any seeds in it for him to forage. Sucka.

Apparently the ‘coon weakened the thing enough that as soon as a squirrel jumped on it this morning, it all crashed to the ground. Methinks that birdfeeder is not long for this world…

S/he hissed at the cats, who were watching him from the window, just now.

It’s surprising he had the balls to hiss at your cats, given their rather grave bearing.

Their stern demeanor is frequently offset by wide-eyed dorkiness and other times by significant cuteness. I suspect it was the former that they were displaying last night. Plus, that was a pretty big raccoon.

As with the squirrels, I wonder if we shouldn’t try to provide it with a little extra—some fruit perhaps; anything to keep it away from the sunflower seeds. But I suspect that would have adverse effects, especially on those days that we didn’t leave something out. Raccoons are resourceful buggers.