Hermits Rock

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Queues, etc.

  • At the movies the other night, a woman in line behind us said, “I’ve heard Snoop Dogg Millionaire is good. Should we go see it?” (It is good, btw.)
  • That same night we went out for sushi at Oyama, but it was Valentine’s Day and the wait was long. Two years ago we would go to Oyama every Friday night, and one of the waiters, whose name I still haven’t learned, would greet us and say, “You come here every Sunday, too, but with a different woman!” I said, “Don’t you think that should be our secret?” He replied, “Oh! Ha, ha! I get it!” It took a few weeks to finally convince him that whoever dined there on Sundays wasn’t me. After we ran into him at Hy-Vee late one night, he asked us about it for months, then he mysteriously began to compliment my beard. So, he’s an odd chap, but his service is good and he makes me laugh. When he spied us waiting in line Saturday, he brought us drinks. (Alas! ‘Twas only water.)
  • Sunday, we made this: