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Pimp My Photographer

Will some philanthropist give GKB enough money to send him to Africa, already?

(Yeah, yeah. Everybody else is doing it…)



1: My first response was “whatever floats your boat is cool with me.”

My second response: Daaammmmnnn. That’s how you beg for a chump’s change! I should do the same thing for my computer fund!

Well, the flight to Uganda includes a layover in either London or Dubai. Maybe I can raise a little extra for a hotel room, instead of crashing at the gate. I hear Dubai has a 7-Star hotel…

Dubai has a island that, if seen from a satellite, looks like a palm!

that’s a lotta money thrown to the waves once the polar ice caps shrink just a little bit more.

According to a Discovery channel show I saw a few years ago, it was a lot of money thrown to the waves the minute it was conceived of. It ruined the tidal currents around the city and created this massive unnatural, and unmanageable redistribution of sand up and down the coast. That, and the currents began eating it instantaneously.

GKB, I once spent an hour on a jet-ski riding the waves next to that 7-star hotel. It would have taken a stroll through the hotel, but it cost more money than I had just to walk inside… but the view was fine. I think the attraction of a palm shaped atoll visible only from the air could only appeal to the uber-rich who commute around the Gulf in their own helicopters and realize that the landscape has precious little to offer in the way of natural aesthetic. Why waste time in Dubai? You have ENTEBBE to look forward to!