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Work has been all whips and chains lately. I even have today off, but in a few minutes I am going in to finish a few things up before we head to Missouri for a long, deserved weekend. And it will get worse before it gets better.

But what’s important is a question: What would you do if the volunteer treasurer of the nonprofit you work for made an unapologetic habit of not sending your paycheck in a timely fashion?

Also, non sequitur: Dang, but isn’t Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell one of those novels that excites the imaginations of the young ladies?



i know how you feel. my sex life has been all whips and chains lately. and pvc.

on the other hand, i had one of those that’s enough moments with my job last night. i am now officially talking to people about other things i can be doing. i’ll try to write something about this weekend, as greg is going to be on the road!

1: How do you keep the rattling chains from waking the girls?

Greg is heading toward BG levels of blogging, BG is heading toward Chris levels of blogging, and Chris is heading toward BG levels of blogging.

Dunno what to think about all this. It’s a net decrease in the activity of this blog, but it is different at least.

We’re fucking with your mind, JH.

JH, you try keeping up with two kids under 3 1/2, changing jobs, selling a house, moving to another state, readjusting your professional profile, readjusting your marriage profile (two kids will do that), and find time for blogging…

then again, i’m just in a snippy mood.

i have to say, australians are so cool, the way they go on a grand tour, all around the world. it’s seems that at any given moment 75% of 20 something australians are in another country. doing little but bumming and sight-seeing

I’m not complaining, chill, just making an observation. Mere pseudo-deadlines have reduced my blogging to a trickle, lately. I’m surprised the family men manage to do any blogging at all.

5: then again, i’m just in a snippy bitchy mood.


BG used the word “snippy” in the same comment in which he described the difficulties of reproduction. based on recent conversations i’ve had with mb, i wonder if he has been having the vasectomy conversation? it seems quite a popular conversation for people of a certain age. i went to a conference and had a vasectomy conversation with my youngest former prof and one of my colleagues, both of whom were female and both of whom had no qualms about the idea for their significant others.

and, in case my identity is known to anyone who knows my local colleagues, the colleague to whom i refer works at a university for away and is not a member of my local dept. this is just to clarify my relationships with anonymous people whom none of you know.

indeed, such conversations have been had… it is a popular conversation and the women-folk seem to have absolutely no problems with putting their men under the knife, as if their feminist men getting snipped were some sort of cosmic pay-back making up for the millions of women who go under the knife because of the masculinist society we live

I have also noticed that about Australians. One I know has been working in the Hague for the past few months, in between trips to various other continents.

As for vasectomies, I’d be in favor of giving them to all young men when they hit puberty. Just think, they’d be free to spread STDs far and wide without having to worry about inconvenient offspring.

wtf? expose of my sex life in the same conversation as whining about potential vasectomies?
i stand by the letter to the editor i wrote as a virginal college student…i.e., i’m with laura on this one, and was even before going under a dif’t kind of knife for our second childbirth/marriage-buster.

Mary’s bustin’ Chris with the cat o’ nine tonight!

(Can I just say too, btw, that I’m glad someone else is getting in trouble on this blog for a change? I am a fan of more disclosure!

I am not, however, a fan of vasectomies.

But if you do happen to be a fan of vasectomies and other fine andrological surgeries, allow me to happily squeamishly refer you to Dr. Sherman Silber’s video page.)