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Our Future

Torture, by Jill Greenberg

Four More Years, by Jill Greenberg

Earth, by Jill Greenberg

Portraits by Jill Greenberg, from the exhibition End Times, at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles. Hover your mouse over the portraits to see the titles.

(Via Apostropher.)



I totally bombed the title on this when I first posted it. The new title is of course J's fault.

Awful to behold.

Did you check out the whole exhibition? There’s lots more! Shock and Awe are good, but my favorite I think are the ones referencing the rapture (Left Behind for example)

Her monkey portraits are neat, too!

I did, but there’s only so much punishment I can take at once. The only thing that makes looking at them easier to bear is knowing that those faces could just as easily be inspired by a spilt glass of apple juice as any sort of real harm.

That was actually my first reaction, that they are so many crocodile tears that the series is almost comical. Perhaps your sense of sympathy is more refined than mine?

At the same time, the torture Greenberg must have gone through to provoke the kids to such paroxysms!

I also realize that my title is a misnomer in relation to the exhibition as a whole, which is about our present…

The kids’ reactions were produced by giving them a lollipop, then taking it away. Very, very easy to produce hysteria in children that age.

Check out Greenberg’s website:

The Manipulator

Lollipops? That’s not like taking candy from a—

Does anyone need me to finish that sentence?

And thanks for stopping, apostropher.

I took a test once where I was to look at a series of faces and identify their mood from a choice of several words. I scored a 15/15. Average male score was something like 7, average female score I think was 10 or 11. Yeah, I’m a woman…a super-woman.

you mean it’s not some code letting your respective mums know that they have much to worry about?

besides the fact the mums don’t read (this site)?—no…