Hermits Rock

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I do not recommend being sick. It runs counter to every measure of productivity save staying in bed, and it turns all of one’s immediate memories into mush. Case in point: I spent so much of yesterday evening curled up in bed that trying to lay out a time line of events is difficult. Even while I was at work, I was not well, though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what was wrong. The rumbliness in my tumbly may have been a direct result of lunch, after all. The aches in my joints may have simply been indications I wasn’t stretching enough. The fact I couldn’t concentrate may have been because I had been at work every day since September 9. While watching the News Hour, though, I couldn’t finish dinner, and the rest is foggy. I laid on the futon; I laid in bed. Cats came and went; the dog came and went. I barfed up dinner. I tossed and turned in bed; I tossed and turned on the futon.

Much of this morning I spent in bed, too, but since about 11:30 things have looked up.



so, what was it?

did you eat the five day old bean soup?

or did you catch some sort of stomach bug?

Bug. Several other people at work have had it, too.