Hermits Rock

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One big lake district of awesome

(Via Apostropher, very appreciatively)



What kind of people have the spare time to do this?

The most awesomist people in the world.

Oh how I envy these animal fabers.

It’s better! The people who did that got paid for it. I share your envy.

“I wandered lonely along, as if I was a cloud…”

God, I hate that poem. Did you ever have to read Dorothy’s journal entries about the daffodils?

Why I dislike Wordsworth so much (except for a few lines here and there) but love Coleridge is one of the great mysteries of my life.

But surely the poem’s better when rapped by a squirrel? I know that helped for me.

About the journals—no, I never read those.

oh there are a million and one reasons to love Coleridge more than Wordsworth!

i don’t know, maybe if i were a furry squirrel tiptoeing through the Cumbrian tulips i’d like wordsworth more…

One reason to like Coleridge more is that, unlike Wordsworth, his philosophy of life wasn’t stolen by John Eldredge in “Wild at Heart.”

(I know, I know. That’s a inheritance fallacy, but still…)