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Moving into the New 'Hood

We have moved and the house is beginning to feel more and more like home. It will officially feel like home once I’ve used my Kitchen Aide to make bread. I have cooked a few meals, and hated cooking on glass-top electric ranges, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Last Friday the movers brought all our stuff, all 13,600 lbs of it I know!!! Who knew we could fit that much junk in an 1,100 sqft house and two offices!!!, and unloaded it in our new 2,550 sqft house. Moving from the big city to the country has some advantages.

In preparation for the move we’d been reading the children’s classic

Near the end of the book as Brother Bear and Family look up at the new Tree House and imagine what it will be once they get it in proper working order, friends and neighbors show up bearing gifts. Immediately as the movers left, E asked, “When are my new friends going to show up?” And, of course, none did.

Since then, though, “friends” have shown up bearing gifts of food and welcoming us to the neighborhood. Families with children her age… children who play out in the street! One of the things that amazed us about Lexington when we came house hunting was that in every neighbor you could see children of all ages (say 6 and up) playing unsupervised in the streets and children of younger ages playing in yards or walking down sidewalks with parents. Though we did live in a hip, in-town neighborhood, a place where all of our friends with children said they would never live with children, our little abode in Atlanta was a in a neighborhood with lots of children of every age. However, in the ATL, and it doesn’t really matter if your in town or in suburbs, children did not play in the streets, and they certainly didn’t play unsupervised. Furthermore, people (except us) did not walk 10 houses bearing home baked goods to welcome people to the ‘hood. Big city living just isn’t like that. You’ve got your set of fabulous friends and everybody else has theirs… You’ve got your circle of influence and there are just too many people to meet and greet and feel some sort of neighborly obligation towards.

Of course, as people have started dropping by to welcome us , E has been rather cold towards them. Answering, “I’m nobody,” to people who ask her her name… though she did tell the mailman that she was not E but a kitty cat.



1,100 sq. ft sounds like an ocean of space; I can hardly imagine 2,550.

Yay for kids playing outside!