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It’s a very few magazines of the literary sort that manage anywhere close to the readership and the subscriber base that they deserve. I suspect the Virginia Quarterly Review comes close. (Aside: VQR’s editor, Ted Genoways, studied a year at Iowa. He is imminently likeable, and in class lent a considerable generosity of thought to everything. He had been editor of the Minnesota Review where, as I remember, he had published early portions of Anthony Swofford’s Jarhead. Then he got the call from VQR, and that was the last I saw of him. There was some talk that he would be given lee to finish his Ph.D. at Iowa from Charlottesville—sometimes, superstars are pandered to—but I don’t know if he followed through with it.) But even it doesn’t manage more than 100K scrips.

So here’s a good chance for you to become a new reader. Dan Wickett of the Emerging Writers Network has arranged a smashingly good offer on subscriptions to literary magazines: for all x > 3, buy x for ( x – 1)dollars get x for the price of x – 1. (For the algebra deficient, which apparently includes myself, that means subscribe to three magazines or more, pay for one less than the number you buy.) Of the ones available, I recommend The Iowa Review, Ploughshares, and, judging by the quality of its first issue, A Public Space, but there are other good ones, too.



i think your equation is a little messed up. as i read it, if i want four journals, i would buy four for three (i.e., x – 1) dollars.

unless, of course, that is what you meant to say.

Yes, that’s right. I couldn’t get it to display correctly and gave up. I knew you’d catch that. :)

See if that fixes it.

But of course, even that doesn’t work. None of the magazines cost the same. There ought to be a min x at least.

what about “get x for the price of x-1” ?

what about gen x =/= gen y

Chris’s is simpler, and is hereby the official formula. And I think neither gen x nor gen y are relevant terms. :)

I should add that I’ve only recently become aware of the Emerging Writer’s Network. The site looks to be both useful and informative. Also note the article linked to: all subs should be ordered through EWN to take advantage.