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John Foxe says

Image: John Foxe, compiler of Actes and Monuments Upon momentous Occasions, it is Worthy to remember the Actes which our Forebears suffered at the handes of the Papists. Burned at the stake, turned on the rack, tried most unjustlye: all done by Bloody Mary. England was made the better by her death.

But we wish not to drive all Maryes away. Indeed, we wish to wish one Mary who may need them good fortune and God’s blessings: May the Volumes you have known come readye to mind; May thy Dinner Conversation be thorough and wittye. And above all, May you Rest Easye to know that the Baptists will not do to you what was done to Cutbert Simson! Take heart, and Do Well!
Image: The racking and cruell handling of Cutbert Simson



all i have to say to you and john foxe is romans 13!!

btw, did we (i?) overpost on the hell thing?

Overpost? I don’t think so. It’s still there to continue, and I’ve been thinking about it, just been busyish.

In that respect, Foxey isn’t really meant to inspire conversation like hell is, although I bet Cutbert Simson would beg to differ—that racke looks oh so painfull.

when i worked as an assistant r.a. to mb for a german prof, we xeroxed great portions of the actes—that stuff is fubar.

I took a seminar on A&M—it was one of the best I had. It is indeed FUBAR, but man, did JF influence Shakespeare, Marlowe, etc…

wow, how nice. i never expected to get implicated in the A&M. they didn’t rack me, maybe b/c they were afraid i’d cough my deadly pestilence on them (our family has been ill these past weeks).

The thing about the A&M is that one never expects to be implicated in them; one just is.