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Say you ran a department that had two open positions. You interviewed three people, one of whom was an internal candidate from another department. Although you complimented the internal candidate profusely, for whatever reason you nevertheless hired both external candidates. Unfortunately, neither hire was as good as you had first hoped, and just last week you fired one of them. Now, a week later, you have a decision to make: Do you eat crow and approach the internal candidate in the hope that you might quickly hire a known commodity, or do you solicit applications anew in what could be another long, arduous, and unsatisfying job search?



So you would consider denying a worthy colleague a promotion (again!) and wasting company resources on an unnecessary job search merely to avoid eating a little crow?

Well I wouldn’t, but who am I to say someone else might think it the better course of action?

Oh, I was using “you” in the hypothetical sense, following the precedent you set in the post. I would never accuse you of something so base.

But you would accuse you of being so base—as would I!

Let’s keep the focus on “you.”

As you wish.

I wonder how a person who decided to dis the colleague twice would justify it?

To whom?

1) To herself; 2) To the staff who will do the interviewing; 3) To the colleague, on the off-chance that it comes up in passing.


(This is a sound Turkish people make when suddenly confronted with a task that is either impossible or very difficult and laborious. The first bit starts off low, and each bit is progressively louder and higher-pitched.)

But you know the politics that could play into this…

Sure, there are always politics: It is always possible that bosses might just put the hammer down on poaching. Or perhaps they would censor themselves against poaching. That would be really crude though, and not especially ethical in a non-union workplace (where each worker signs her own contracts).

Fine! You didn’t have to say it twice!

I didn’t realize I had! … there: fixed!