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yes, the one about hagrid’s oversized dolphin feet.

You must ask yourselves…along with www.traditionalvalues.org
Is Harry Potter A Harmless Fantasy Or Wicca Training Program?

they point out… While the themes in Harry Potter’s books do not expressly advocate homosexuality or abortion, these are philosophical beliefs deeply embedded in Wicca. The child who is seduced into a Wicca through Harry Potter’s books will eventually be introduced to these other concepts.

everything has a gateway…

but, what is worse… a really bad sentence and the craze of dolphin metaphors that will no doubt plague college writing like a pack of rabid orcas in 10 years… or wicca?



It’s a good question, what is worse? On the one hand, wicca, on the other, bad metaphors. Bad metaphors, I think, have been and will certainly be more prevalent than wicca ever will, Harry Potter notwithstanding. The dolphins remind me of Jonathan Franzen’s stinker in The Corrections (which I quote, badly, from memory, not from having the book at hand, though I looked and couldn’t find it), “It was discarded in the trash like a baby born in the bathroom at prom.”

Oh, and by the way, I started reading HP yesterday.

and it should be a pod of rabid orca…no?

a pod, indeed!

what i want to know is whether these HP-reading american kids will grow up speaking british slang.

you’re right, you’re right…i shouldn’t get my knickers in wad…

oh, excuse me i’ve got some nappies to change