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I’m Ashamed I Only Got Half

Is it William Faulkner, or a machine?



50% for me too. I guess that graduate seminar didn’t pay off — of course it was 8 years ago now.

And here I thought it was because I haven’t yet read The Sound and the Fury, but I guess that’s not right…

58% for me. Damn machine. Damn Faulkner.

75% here. I really AM writing a final exam…

42%... but it’s been even longer than 8 years since i’ve read any faulkner…

then again, i think that they cheated by only picking the sound and the fury

33%. I read the first 20 pages of S&F a few years ago, then the library asked for it back, and I never bothered to check it out again.

I’m guessing that Mary and I are the only ones to have differed statistically significant from chance, though we are in opposite directions.

the guy in our dept who thinks he’s brilliant got 58%. the guy who really is brilliant got 80something%.
i guessed that the ones capitalizing nouns were german, and the ones with lots of punctuation were faulkner, but then i didn’t bother to see if that strategy paid off by looking at individual quotations…

My own thesis was that most the ones ending in ellipses were Faulkner, as were those that actually seemed to have settings in MS or MA (the bridge one was a dead giveaway); those that seemed to have the completely wrong word somewhere were machines.

I didn’t analyze my errors to see where I went wrong…