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If royalties an author make...

This weekend I recieved a 13 dollar check. Two persons/entities have purchase xeroxed copies of my dissertation. Though I do appreciate the money, I do, I do. I would love to get ahold of the purchasers and let them know that they wasted their money. That what they are reading is a simple academic exercise, an extended and prolonged hazing process.

In other news, my golf game yesterday, wasn’t too bad. I lost five balls and found 15. This is how I judge the quality of my play.



The same post, put another way:


Seriously, that’s not a bad return, is it? $6.50 per copy seems a decent value, although it’s nothing close to making up for the time and effort and money you put into the thing…

One of my professors commented to me about a month ago (while I was still pregnant) that writing a dissertation was like pregnancy, only with a longer gestation period, say, 2 years, like an elephant’s. I’ve decided therefore to refer to my project hereafter as my “elephant’s child.” But Elephant Child is on hold till I get the hang of the human child thing…

thanks for the well wishes!

I recently had a column I wrote for the Daily Idiot reprinted in an obscure lefty librarian magazine called Counterpoise. The DI paid me $16.50 to write this column. They charged me $10 for permission to have it reprinted elsewhere. . . I guess I still came out ahead.

wait. so you’re saying there are magazines that both are for socialists librarians and are obscure? no. way.

laura, that was a lovely essay… too bad the iowan (greedy bastards!) didn’t let you print it your lefty mag without demanding payment.

J, thank you (I am just now getting back to check out the happenings in the Hermitage while I was away—more on that later).

G, I’m not even going to go into a reply. . . .

I didn’t think you would. ;)