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I Am Really Not That Bright

I bought a bicycle this weekend and am now kicking myself for not having sprung for one earlier. Ten minutes is how long it took me to ride from home to work. Ten minutes! For 18 months my commute has varied from an hour (by bus) to 40 minutes (by foot) to 5–15 minutes (by car, depending on traffic). All that time, I could have just ridden a bicycle and saved myself a hell of a lot time and trouble.



I hope that upon our move to the lands where the grass grows blue, I will be able to ride my bike to school and back.

1: I hope so too! Bicycle is a very good way to go.

… and 15 minutes coming home the long way on Scott Blvd. The hills are not as steep that way.

Yea! Congrats on not waiting until you are 50 (like ME) to discover the joys of biking for commuting, exercise and socializing with a lot of really cool people.

One of these days, in the middle of a lonnnng ride, you’re going to discover a zen thing that is hard to describe.

The whole world looks better from a bike.

I didn’t get the right kind of bike for a looonng ride, but when I was 16 my dad and I would bike Skyline Drive in Virginia, and I remember that feeling well from then.