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Personage Kathy Greg Comment

Jim Lehrer
Hot! Hot! Greg: “His beady eyes are rawr!”

Ray Suarez
Hot! Hot! Greg: “A big teddy bear.”

Andrew Kohut
Not! Not!

Amy Walter
Hot! Hot! Kathy: “She’s cute like a kitten.”

Gwen Ifill
Hot! Hot! Greg: “Having the best smile on the News Hour is small consolation.”
Kathy: “Don’t mess with Gwen!”

David Brooks
Not! Not! Greg: “I hate his Times mugshot.”

Mark Shields
Not! Not!

Judy Woodruff
Not! Hot! Kathy: “Her softball questions reduce her hotness quotient.”

Jeff Flake
Not! Not! Greg: “Wannabe bimbo.”

Dick Armey
Not! Not!

Meg Whitman
Not! Not! Greg: “Sh-ebaY.”

Carly Fiorina
Not! Not! Greg: “Wasn’t she fired from Hewlett-Packard for snooping on her employees? Indeed she was!

Michael Steel
Not! Not!

Mitt Romney
Not! Not! Greg: “Dog Owner of the Year, 1983!”
Kathy: “Freakin’ robot.”

Michael Beschloss
Not! Not!

Richard Norton Smith
Not! Not!

Peniel Joseph
Hot! Hot!

Mike Huckabee
Not! Hot! Greg: “Huck never looks as hot as he does in this photo, but the man lost hundreds of pounds!”
Kathy: “Go Hogs!”

Linda Lingle
Not! Not! Greg: “Obama spent his vacation in Hawaii!”

Rudy Giuliani
Not! Not! Kathy: “He’s prettier in pink.”
Greg: “Doesn’t it seem like America’s Mayor wished 9/11 were every day?”
What a terrible Photoshop.
Sarah Palin
Hot! Hot! Kathy: “Her husband’s hot!”
Greg: “Feisty! Rawr!”


Michael Steel used to be white, and Linda Lingle used to be a man.

It’s meanspirited, I know, but they deserve it for the 15 min or so of the convention I suffered through last night.

I just started watching it on youtube. The look on babydaddy’s face as they’re applauding Palin’s entrance is priceless!

WTF have I gotten myself into?! I think I’m gonna be sick.”

I wasn’t watching the video much, just listening. There was a sweet moment where the camera cut to the youngest daughter grooming the baby.

Non sequitur from the convention: The Photoshop of Palin on that Vogue cover is awful.

this is by far the most intellectual response i’ve seen to last night. i wonder if the npr commentators heard the same speech i did.
i loved the shot of the little girl spit-grooming the infant’s hair.

palin is frighting in the vogue… it´s revenge of the fifty-foot beauty queen.

how long are they going to continue with the politics of fear… and the politics of division (small town america really knows how to be proud of the country they come from!!)

how long are they going to continue with the politics of fear… and the politics of division

Until it stops working.

Her speech was just so…mean. Maybe I’ve been living in the midwest for too long…

7: I find her really, really annoying, as in, I can’t stand to watch her for more than 2 or 3 minutes at a time. Like Ann Coulter.

It can’t possibly be the case that people would be happy with her being president as early as January of 2009. The last week has been so surreal.

“Surreal” was the word I kept using last night as we watched…

1) Republicans are now angry feminists.

2) The socially conservative Republicans are apparently now totally good with teen pregnancy.

3) They seemed to have turned “community organizing” into some secret boogey-term I don’t understand.

And from last night:

4) Republicans will now enthusiastically applaud Bill Clinton’s mad bi-partisan skillz.

And I agree about the annoying factor…

7, 8: Like I said, McCain picked her for this very reason. She can trump up her “executive” experience all she wants, but I think she knows very well that her role is to help McCain win the election. Anything else is gravy. (Even though the GOP took ANWR drilling out of its platform, I suspect that, if McCain were to win, ANWR drilling and some Alaska pork would be her reward. I mean, McCain oppose earmarks, but for example, he is not against pork entirely.)

She blew the dog whistle hard, too. Note JTB’s angst over her emphasis on McCain’s manhood. JTB interprets it as a diminishment of her own womanhood, which is probably true, but I also see it (as I point out in my comment there) as an implicit gaying up Obama.

@9, re: most of those contradictions, John Stewart busted them cold.

Thank god for Jon Stewart…I need to catch up on my Daily Shows from the past couple of weeks before I lose my mind…even more.


let’s not play the gender card please, that’s just so not where we are in politics today… oh, sure, you want my cover shot to be in a lacy negligee? i luv it only, please i want the fan to really blow my hair (which i let down only for my husband) into a tangled frenzy

Every time I see that Vogue cover, I’m distracted by why she’d go for the negligee and the giant hair-blowing fan and yet keep her glasses on. I guess that’s how you know she’s a governor??

regarding thursday and the kind of change that mccain called for (which for that matter is the kind of change that the good church of christer (ha!) called for on wednesday with the do-nothing crowd in washington, isn’t the real problem that bush hasn’t wielded the veto pen, which has allowed for the budget to burgeon and congress to not really do it’s job of responsible legislation?

Re: 9.2 I think Katha Pollitt has said it all.

Re: 9.3 Yes, I am massively confused about that, too. Confused and offended.