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Golly, I'm remiss

So here’s the plan, quickly stated:


Formal Q’s raised Tuesdays & Thursdays, after this Thursday, 2-3 books at a time (you can pick up or back off according to what you’ve got going on. The plan is to finish the Confessions by the end of June/1st week of July.)

  1. Laura (6/20)
  2. GKB (6/22)
  3. Scott (6/27)
  4. Jeremy (6/29)
  5. JH (7/4)—FYI, this is for being in GB. If you want to take your birthright holiday, however, you can—expatriate. On the plus side, you get to wrap up A and get the final word.

In addition, pick a theme and run with it. You can/should post on that theme as it strikes you. I’ll name/recommend some possibilities with my post Thursday.





updated with JH. Sorry to have omitted you before.

I was quite relieved at the omission. Exams will commence on Monday and finish on Wed, next week. The last slot is perfect for me. I haven’t yet taken the birthright holiday here. It’s surprisingly easy to ignore.

if you lived in the 19th century, you’d hardly be considered an american.

So, uh, could someone explain to me what exactly it is I will be doing on 6/22. My new job has kept me quite busy (especially since I’m still doing my old one), and I just don’t want to let the team down by sucking mightily in my first AB. Help, anyone?

GKB—I think you’re supposed to upload a picture of yourself dressed as either Augustine or Arendt, but I’m not really sure. Good luck, regardless.

noonish i’ll have a partial example to follow: i’m only gonna post a few questions/thoughts. you can follow from those or add your own.

I don’t know…I think my idea was a pretty good one…

I agree. Scott’s idea is better. Would that I had seen it before!

Scott writes to say that he, too, is working OT in GB this summer, so I’ll take over his day next week, but only if he promises to keep up and write in as he can.

Yeah, so I know I’m supposed to go today. Gimme a bit…

dude, unless you’re burning to say something… you can always wait till tomorrow when i post… it’ll be on about 4 or 5 chaps, though, since we need to move along.

I’m not burning to say something, I’m chafing because I don’t have much to say… :(

In light of recent grousing, this is a heads-up about the way Arendt will go down. We won’t read on a schedule; instead, we’ll read with a target date. Essentially, when we switch, I’ll say, “Try to be finished by x day.” Write at your leisure or your devotion, about your favorite subjects or not. But don’t go complaining to your blog that you’re being forced to read on assignment!

you can’t legislate what and how i say what i say on blog man!

But I can censor you. Sucka.

I know, I know. Censorship wasn’t your point. I haven’t the heart to keep up the battle. Now, if you want to sing “Stand by Ayn Rand” like Tammy Wynette, I’ll bite your ears off…

So Ok. You all can go complain at your blog as much as you want.

well, look who’s left behind his puerile ways!