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Impact Quiz

Complete the following sentence:

“Probably no individual outside of Jesus Christ had a greater impact on American life and culture” than…

Bonus points for identifying who said it!



The Grinch?

I tried to google it, but failed miserably.

JH fails!

Proof that not everything is on the internet! (Okay, I’m a librarian, and I tried Google, too. But, you know, I wouldn’t want to unleash my librarian superpowers in a contest with ordinary mortals.)

Ronald Reagan

so said by Newt Gingrich

though, he actually might’ve said Barry G.

Wow! The link in 6 is even better than the real quote! (The site, too: did you notice God’s Hitlist?)

All right! You guys weren’t very diligent guessers. The asnwer: George Washington, according to David Barton, a.k.a. Wallbuilders. He said it in an e-mail.

WTHIz David Barton? and WWIC WTHHIz? Yeah, yeah, I know you have a love affair with Wallbuilders ever since your homey introduced you to him back six years ago or so…

Change yr name, sockpuppet.

suckpoppit this!!! ballwielder… or is that ballwelder?